Empowering efficiency through automated accounting and finance processes.

Xledger began automating processes in 2003, starting with automated bank reconciliation and electronic payment of bills. Since then, we have expanded our automation to cover more processes than any competitor.

You will find market-leading automation throughout the Xledger solution, working as an invisible hand to deliver efficiency gains. Xledger automation transforms each aspect of your business from automated data entry, bill processing, cloud workflow, payment processing, intracompany transactions, automated bank reconciliation, requisition, and purchasing. You eliminate costly errors without losing control. Automation makes data entry a thing of the past. It helps you go paperless with automated digital workflows. You can post transactions more quickly and accurately by posting suggestions.

Xledger is leading the Digital Transformation with a cloud ERP solution that has built-in automation for more than 10,000 customers. You have most likely heard of RPA (robotic process automation), AI (artificial intelligence), and ML (machine learning). Such terms tend to raise many and varied questions, but do not let these terms confuse or frighten you. There is good news: from capture to manipulation to analysis of transactional data, automation across the entire accounting lifecycle is available in Xledger.

Despite ominous reports of the demise of accounting jobs, these are exciting days for you if you are an accountant, bookkeeper, business analyst, or finance professional since automation will augment your team to yield greater efficiency. Best of all, automation helps you build your bottom line and helps your team to focus on your mission. Save your organization time and money. Improve margins. Eliminate costly errors. Enhance the customer experience. And do it all without losing any control.

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  • Build your bottom line, not your back office
  • Free your accountants from frustrating manual labor
  • Save time and resources with automated bank reconciliation
  • Use Xledger OCR to eliminate costly data entry errors
  • Go paperless with automated digital workflows
  • Post transactions more quickly and accurately with posting rules and suggestions
  • View consolidated reports in seconds rather than weeks
  • Streamline procurement and inventory management
  • Retrieve wasted hours through automated billing and payment processing services
  • Manage allocations with ease and consistency
  • Shorten period-end processing
  • Simplify expense management
  • Reduce DSO/DPO
  • Maximize cash retention
  • Improve forecasting and business planning models

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Xledger’s automated bank reconciliation software provides support for all automated invoicing procedures and enables you to optimize your accounts receivable with complete configuration and automated data entry. Our cloud ERP software solution couples the general ledger with all sub-ledgers and dimensions making invoice creation and distribution both seamless and flexible. Recurring billing, time and expense billing, sales order creation, subscription billing, donation invoicing, and royalties and commissions handling is all contained within our automated ERP.


Xledger’s automated ERP streamlines your workflows with automated bank reconciliation software regardless of the size or complexity of your organization. Automated data entry capability built into our cloud ERP software solution provides you with enhanced control over your workflows by automating internal controls around expense approvals and cash release and transforming workflows related to billing, cloud expense reports, purchase orders, and more. With enhanced collaboration, your teams can manage the full lifecycle of each project.

Bank Reconciliation & Payment Processing

Xledger’s cloud ERP software solution offers advanced tools to manage your bank accounts, payments, deposits, and cash flow. Our automated bank reconciliation software provides insight into your cash position using automated data entry to display current account balances, cash flow overviews in multiple currencies, and cash flow forecasts that include unapproved invoices. You can view and process all of your bank transactions within Xledger’s robust automated ERP, eliminating your organization’s need for traditional online banking.

Global Consolidation

Xledger’s automated data entry capability provides real-time, accurate visibility into your budgets and overall future. Our cloud ERP software solution coupled with automated bank reconciliation software enables you to budget by definable dimensions including account, project, cost center, and supplier or customer while consolidating results into a group picture that includes conversion into group reporting currencies. Unlimited budget revisions, devolved budgeting capability, and other market-leading BI tools are all packed into our robust automated ERP.