Configuration over customization

Unlike traditional or hosted software vendors, Xledger only has to maintain one version of the software,  with all upgrades managed by Xledger on a quarterly basis. This allows customers to have access to innovation faster as new capabilities are released with each update. Xledger provides 3 major upgrades of its software every year at no extra cost for its customers, and best of all – all customers are on the same version of the software.


Customization makes future upgrades cost- prohibitive due to their complexity and resource requirements and can be put off for months or even years. Because customization changes the underlying application, it can even break a customer’s ability to upgrade to a future version. Consequently, customers endure the risk of being isolated on old releases. The burden and cost of recording, testing, and transitioning customizations from version to version lies with the customer. On the vendor side, it drives product/service cost up unnecessarily.


At Xledger we address our customer’s specific needs with configuration rather than costly customization. In fact, configuration is emerging as best-practice. By supporting configuration, Xledger allows customers to tailor business processes to meet their individual needs, but without compromising the upgrade path. Configurations are captured separately from application capabilities, so ongoing updates can occur without endangering customer configurations.


The total cost of ownership of ERP solutions is comprised of much more than just the one-time sticker price of the software. Xledger provides a predictable “pay-as-you-go.” subscription-fee. There are no hidden fees for upgrading configuration and integrations in the future. Upfront or ongoing investments in hardware and software license fees are not required. The “pay-as-you-go” model with no other ongoing fees means Xledger can never tie you in if you are not happy: you are free to unsubscribe from the service at any time if you are not happy.

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