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Accountants Running

Why Are CPAs Running the BolderBoulder?

In the fast-paced finance and accounting world, CPAs are more than just number crunchers; they are essential cogs in business machinery, ensuring financial health and compliance. However, the relentless demands of the profession often leave little room for personal growth, health, and leisure – crucial elements for a balanced and fulfilling life. Enter the BolderBoulder – a 10k race that has become a symbol of endurance, community, and personal achievement. This year, with the support of Xledger, CPAs are hitting the ground running, quite literally, to make a statement about reclaiming their time, health, and joy.

good to great cfo

Finance Processes are the Difference Between Good and Great CFOs.

Manual tasks, decentralized data, and poorly documented policies are the first signals of dysfunctional financial processes. They waste time, money, and demoralize staff. Unfortunately, many businesses resort to “band-aid” tactics – short-term fixes that fail to stop the bleeding. So, with no further ado, instead of increasing headcount, automate. Why?

Automation in finance and accounting

Top Tasks for Automation in Finance and Accounting

What Finance and Accounting Functions to Automate

One of the most exciting advances in accounting software is the ability to automate a number of accounting processes that once relied entirely on a human being. Now, accountants can turn to finance and accounting automation software like Xledger to perform these (and other) accounting and financial tasks and focus their time and effort on the things that still require a human’s particular skill to complete.