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Xledger 2021-R2 Software Release

The Top 5 Updates in Xledger’s Latest Software Release

In November, Xledger will issue its second release of 2021. R2-2021 will expand on the vision cast by R1-2021, answering user feedback and laying the groundwork for 2022.

Xledger R&D Hiring

How we Hire: A Discussion about Xledger’s R&D recruiting process

A conversation with President Nathan McCann

Xledger has accelerated during and after the pandemic. With an office in a new nation, new hires, and a dizzying variety of new customers, Xledger has picked up the pace. Yet Xledger R&D has never stopped refining our solution. Thanks to our programmers, Xledger continues to occupy the leading edge of automation and real-time business intelligence.

vXledger Global

5 challenges of expansion and how to solve them

Perhaps you have faced this scenario, or perhaps you will at some point. But every organization should consider—at least once—what going global would look like.

International expansion is need-based. The goal is business in another country, not the process of building it.

Xledger and Quickbooks

3 Things to Know about Quickbooks and your Growth Stages

Amid recent crises, several categories of customers have reconsidered their Quickbooks software. Companies from growing businesses to tech startups must encounter a simple question. Should they postpone the search until after they reach their limit? Or should they prioritize the search before seeking funding?

Xledger Insight

Why financial insight requires awareness of both tools and users

When we talk about business intelligence, we think of analytic tools, techniques for knowledge workers. But those knowledge workers have become a valuable commodity, and few organizations can afford them (or enough of them).