Online Accounting & Finance Software for Consulting Firms

In today’s world, consulting firms must run leaner and deliver stronger results while capturing more revenue than ever before. They must maximize billable hours while controlling non-billable back-office costs like administration, billing, and planning. They must make shrewd decisions more quickly and with greater confidence, must hire and allocate the best people in an ever-changing market.

Most consulting firms rely on some kind of online finance software to manage their back office. However, ERP systems too often deliver function at the expense of agility. Inadequate support and limited capabilities usually contribute to steep total costs of ownership.

75% fewer manual processes: build clients with the market’s most automated accounting software

Consulting firms need online finance software that delivers cost savings while meeting real-time insight needs. Xledger delivers an answer: the market’s most automated cloud finance software for consulting firms.

We empower leaders in the consulting industry to see beyond ERP. Free IT from demands for system maintenance and user support and finance from up to 75% of manual labor. Our online finance software automates more processes than any competitor: from mobile data entry and automated workflow to automated revenue recognition. Heighten effectiveness with Xledger’s automation for project accounting, which includes project expenses, reporting, and follow-up, invoicing, billing, costing, multi-entity projects, and more.

In every automation, Xledger derives insight. Grant decision-makers from project managers to CFOs access to robust BI tools: drill-down to PDF invoices or drill-through multiple views for a 360° understanding of any project or dataset. Your leaders can wield real-time dashboards for rapid needs or dig deep with Xledger inquiries, full-scale tools that let them request, view, analyze, and export your financial data on one screen.

Embrace new opportunities and trim your bottom line

Xledger’s automation enables you to free your staff from tedious manual processes. Our insight turns these processes into real-time information. Now you can grow with 100% confidence that Xledger’s finance software expands alongside you. From multi-entity consolidation to our inheritance principle, the solution will scale to meet your ambition.

Equip your employees with a true cloud financial software and extensive audit-ready functionality. You can adapt with confidence on Xledger: our always-on audit trail, seamless releases, and ISO 27001-certified cloud environment protect your firm.

Maximize billable hours while minimizing non-billable costs. Impress existing clients and attract new ones. Transform productivity with anytime-anywhere access to accounting software on a solution that performs no matter what.

Xledger provides a cloud finance software for consulting firms that

Xledger empowers you to:

  • Scale seamlessly. Xledger removes limits or penalties on your growth.
  • Yield real-time insight into projects, processes, and profitability. Executives can analyze real-time data with robust business intelligence tools
  • Streamline your back-office, minimizing non-billable hours and expenses
  • Secure your and your client’s financial data on a globally certified cybersecurity solution
  • Give you the ability to set automated digital workflows
  • Free finance and management staff to build your bottom line rather than your back office
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