Automated Cash Flow Accounting Software

Transform your cash management

Executives too often lack the insight they need to make confident cash management decisions. Leaders across sizes and sectors struggle to determine their cash position. Over half of all bankruptcies flow from this simple problem.

With Xledger, you need no longer wonder about your cash status. Keep real-time tabs on cash position with our automated Cash Flow accounting software.

Discover the exact amount of cash you have on hand at any given moment, including payments that have not yet closed, with tailored dashboards. In Xledger, real-time data meets robust BI tools. Automatic data roll-up means that your global executives can see into every corner of their distributed enterprise. Xledger provides managers at every level of your organization with dashboard-based insight tailored to their roles, while every employee can access relevant functionality from anywhere on any device with a web browser.

Slice and dice your bank, cash, and payments data from every conceivable angle. Drill-down to attached invoices or drill-through multiple views for 360° understanding. Decision-makers can extract insight from any data set using multi-functional flex screens.

Go hands-free on an automated payments solution

Insight dovetails with automation. By automating Cash Flow accounting in Xledger, you can maximize efficiency and minimize errors across your organization. Our cloud finance software automates more cash management and payments processes than any competitor. Free your finance team from up to 75% of manual accounting processes: Xledger’s automations range from bank reconciliation and transaction posting to invoice creation.

While automating time-consuming tasks, Xledger arms you with world-class tools for cash and payments management. Make sound decisions using cash flow forecasts based on real-time numbers. Avoid Cash Flow crises: with Xledger’s bank dashboard, you can view and allocate across your enterprise. Finance leaders enjoy a wide variety of multi-entity capabilities, including multi-language support and automated multi-currency conversion. Expand without fear of breaking bank integrations or incurring penalties: Xledger will scale to match your ambition.

Unlike competing finance software, Xledger closely pairs automation with internal controls. No matter how automated the process, we keep you at the helm of your financial health. Drive your bottom line with confidence, knowing that your financial data is secure on our ISO 27001-certified cloud finance solution.

Apply powerful tools to your cash management

Xledger equips you with real-time data to analyze your current cash position and forecast future cash flow. You can view and process all bank transactions from within Xledger: payment authorization and approval, automated import of statement data, automated bank reconciliation, and automated posting.

  • Bank dashboard
  • Up to date bank account balances
  • Cashflow overview, including multi-currency
  • Cashflow forecast, including unapproved invoices

Save time and money with market-leading automation

We make your workday easier. The following is just a sample of the cash, bank, and payment processes we automate:

  • Automatic payment processing
  • Automatic posting of transactions from the bank statement
  • Automatic daily bank reconciliation
  • Automatic posting suggestions
  • Automatic invoice creation and distribution
  • And many more

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