Deliver board-ready intelligence with Xledger’s budgeting and BI tools

Historically, companies have relied on spreadsheets for their budgeting and planning processes. But in today’s uncertain times, your organization needs more than a bloated spreadsheet to plan your financial future. 

For the labor they demand, spreadsheets rarely yield board-worthy forecasts. Spreadsheet budgets complicate finance workflows and store sensitive financial data in insecure formats.

Xledger equips you to move past spreadsheets. Chart your organization’s course in our robust cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software.

Recover time and streamline your planning process. Managers ranging from project leads to the CFO can access power budgeting and planning functionality in the true cloud. Automatic consolidation means that you can compare real-time actuals against any budget. Build your budgeting around multiple user-definable dimensions. Forecast to year-end and handle financial what-if scenarios with ease.

Redefine planning in our true cloud accounting software

Xledger furnishes every decision-maker with the BI tools they need to create insight from budgeting and forecasting data. Configure budgets at every level of your distributed organization. Leaders at the enterprise level can consolidate local budgeting results for a group picture, or they can devolve budgeting to department and project managers. The true cloud allows you to add new entities and define new budgets with ease.

Whether for global leaders or the rest of the finance team, Xledger empowers you to deliver board-ready intelligence. Our cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software provide a wide range of reporting and data visualization options. Pivot tables around budget dimensions, view next year’s revenue in a tailored heat map or drill down to underlying invoices in any dataset. In Xledger, every customer has access to enterprise-grade BI tools.

We also provide you with peace of mind. Budget and forecast with confidence, knowing that your financial data is secure in our ISO 27001-certified cloud solution.

Xledger’s cloud-based budgeting and forecasting features include:

  • Unlimited budget revisions
  • Multi-currency and multi-entity budgeting
  • Market-leading business intelligence tools including multidimensional analysis
  • Import from external sources
  • Direct link with resource planning for project budgeting
  • Comparisons of actuals against budget
  • Capabilities for devolved budgeting
  • Anytime-anywhere access on any web-enabled device
  • Drag-and-drop (import) budget from Excel
  • Export budget from Xledger to Excel
  • Board-ready forecasts without bloated spreadsheets
  • Advanced BI tools: manage the entire inquiry process in one flex screen

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