At Xledger, we believe that our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is as global as our business. We create real solutions for our customers, our employees, and our environment. When we advance sustainability, everyone wins. Our commitment begins with recycling programs in every Xledger office and extends through paperless workflow across our global network. We run lean and green, measuring success by the efficiency of our operations rather than by the size of our footprint.

Empowering our customers

Xledger strives to astound ambitious customers with a fully sustainable Cloud ERP solution. We serve all 10,000+ customers on one logical instance of our business management software, minimizing e-waste and maximizing resource efficiency across more than 60 countries. Our true-cloud system equips every user to work remotely, securely, and from anywhere in the world. In a world where the average US worker consumes 10,000 pages of copy paper per year, Xledger Cloud ERP pushes the boundaries of financial automation, freeing our customers from more paper-based processes than any competitor. We hone our solution with every release, trimming bloat and optimizing data types. As a result, our database is now smaller, more efficient, and more sustainable than ever before.

Equipping our employees

We celebrate our people as the lifeblood of our company. Xledger partners with local universities to provide young people with internships and employment opportunities.  Our staff enjoys highly competitive benefits packages ranging from health and dental insurance to generous PTO allowances and family leave policies. Xledger’s US headquarters has been named one of Colorado Springs’ Best Workplaces. We treat our staff to Friday lunches and a variety of quarterly events. In recent years, employees and their families have enjoyed ice fishing, go-cart racing, escape rooms, axe throwing, and more.

Serving our world

At Xledger, we believe in serving the least empowered. We enrich the communities around us in hiring and volunteer work. Our accounting software helps some of the world’s largest nonprofits to fulfill their missions, from healing children in developing nations to restoring the rule of law in war-torn regions. As an organization, we engage in the fight against human trafficking by partnering with nationally recognized organizations like Compass31.

Our Values

At Xledger, we apply our company values to every corner of the organization, and they form the framework for our CSR ambitions.

  • Win-Win – We value trust over applause. We build long-lasting relationships through connections in the community because we are stronger together than apart. We overcome every challenge with fierce dedication, listening, and collaborating to seek successful and timely solutions for our staff and others.
  • Passion – We love our work. Inspired by technology and energized by new ideas, we responsibly push the limits when faced with challenges. Curiosity compels us to dream big, but we never overlook the small details. We create real solutions, rather than illusions.
  • Do Good – We believe that as a global company, our social responsibility is to support the things that matter. We reach out to those that need help and look to minimize our environmental impact at every turn.
  • Amaze – We deliver WOW through product, process, and people – providing transformative experiences that produce unexpected value. Xledger strives to astound ambitious customers by how we put knowledge, methodology, and delivery into action. We achieve this through hard work, discipline, and fun.