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Powerful, yet simple

It’s hard enough to manage a growing organization. Don’t make it harder with the wrong ERP system. Never again will you have to  settle for patchwork products, loose integrations, or subpar performance. 

Xledger empowers you with control and insight in one unified solution. From accounting to inventory management, from payroll to billing, Xledger offers advanced functionality across a wide range of modules. Enjoy the core features you expect without the integration headaches you dread. Designed for global enterprises, Xledger equips you with the capabilities you need to manage your organization, regardless of size, location, complexity, or geographical distribution. 

Xledger’s true multi-tenant cloud frees your business from the hassle and cost of traditional on-premise applications. Avoid the investment in expensive IT infrastructure and the pain of disruptive system upgrades. Access Xledger’s web platform from anywhere and at anytime. 

Infographic showing the capabilities and modules of our unified solution
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