Support in Xledger

Xledger provides every customer with personalized support for their entire process, from onboarding to ongoing development. Our experienced consultants serve your organization using proven techniques and the latest technology.

  • Support videos and help files within Xledger
  • Quarterly upgrades with supported documentation
  • First-class support response and resolution times
  • Live webinar sessions after each release
  • Consultant-led webinars throughout the year
  • Hypercare priority support for new customers
  • Zendesk support portal

Help and online resources

Xledger maintains a vast library of help fragments and videos within our software. Our help fragments are step-by-step guides with screenshots walking you through particular tasks. Click on the help button in any Xledger screen to see a list of relevant help fragments. Learn tasks by reading fragments at your own pace and convenience.

Support in Cloud

The true, multi-tenant cloud enables us to give you much better support than any client-based software. Xledger consultants can access your data immediately, meaning that you get first-class support with rapid response and resolution times.


Xledger releases product upgrades on a quarterly basis. After each release, you will get full documentation plus a live webinar session introducing you to new and improved functionalities.

Webinar series

Our consultants run monthly webinar sessions equipping you with the tips and tricks you need to use Xledger at its full potential. These webinar sessions cover areas with which you may be wholly or partly unfamiliar. We identify webinar topics by analyzing Xledger support calls.

Hypercare support

We recognize that after Xledger has gone live, the new customer will need a period of intensive support as they familiarize themselves with our solution. To ensure that new customers get rapid support, we have introduced a unique support phase called Hypercare. Whether for day-to-day queries or questions that haven’t been asked before, customers in the Hypercare phase will always get support priority.

Support tool

We use Zendesk as our support portal. Customers can log support calls by sending emails to a dedicated support email address. Our support team responds to this support call via Zendesk. Each call will be given a case number. You can then reply to the support case by simply replying to the email from our support desk. We track the history of each support case throughout its journey. If you discover a related issue after the original support case is resolved, you can always reopen the original support call.

Need Support?

Customers should contact the appropriate support email address for their region: