Business Intelligence Insight in Real-Time

For business success, you need to be on the pulse of your organization. Too many ERP accounting and finance BI tools are inadequate. We equip you with real-time insight through advanced BI tools that include configurable reporting, role-based dashboards, multi-dimensional inquiries, and flex screens that allow you to analyze data like never before.

BI Tools

The complexity comes at an enormous cost. Instead, we simplify deciphering granular data by giving you a snapshot of your most relevant business information. We help you view consolidated reports in seconds rather than days. Your business’ data aggregated or transactional are readily available any place, any time, from any browser – in other words whenever you need it. In short, our advanced and intuitive insight tools uncover hidden data and help you assess it from all angles.

Xledger’s financial cloud ERP software solution provides business intelligence insights to clarify your existing operations and gain confidence in areas you never considered before. Our comprehensive dashboards & financial reports give you the confidence to make decisions you will not second-guess. Drill down to the transaction level, drill through for a 360-degree view of your financial health, or zoom out for a bird’s eye to see all departments and reports. Dashboards are configurable for each user and can be assigned specific tools based on each member’s role in your organization. Increase flexibility, scale up, personalize your interface, and allow Xledger’s business intelligence tools to open your eyes with fresh insight.

    • Generate recurring or as-needed reports—Xledger automates report creation and distribution.
    • Enjoy 24/7, 99.99%-uptime access to the market’s most powerful set of BI tools
    • Evaluate your data in minute detail and from every possible angle
    • Drill-down to the transaction level or zoom out for a bird’s-eye view
    • Drill-through multiple views and formats for a 360° understanding of your financial health.
    • Use Xledger’s flex screens to filter, sort, analyze, and export data—all in one place and all at lightning speeds.
    • View last year’s transactions in a bar graph or employee vacation leave as a heat map.
    • Get estimates for any project in a dashboard configured to your needs
    • Never again wait for an end-of-month close—with automated data entry consolidation in Xledger, you can inspect every part of your distributed enterprise.


 Xledger’s automated ERP delivers market-leading insight via:



Xledger’s cloud ERP software solution couples pre-defined reports with a configurable report writer to bring you configurable reports within standardized templates. You can create automated reports that are deliverable both within and outside your organization.



With Xledger’s automated ERP, users’ dashboards are tailored to their role and can be module-centric to contain pre-defined blocks of information. Role limitations allow users to configure dashboards to specific requirements and drill-down to any level.



Within the automated ERP, Xledger’s Flex Framework enables you to easily request, view, analyze, and export data. This data can be manipulated via drag-and-drop or by changing filters and exported in one of several ways. Data entry automation makes completing inquiries accurate and reliable.



At the click of a button, Xledger’s BI tools give you various comprehensive options to review data down to the transaction level and can help answer vital questions about department performance and which salespeople are driving the most revenue. Xledger’s automated business intelligence tools enhance your analysis and decision-making abilities.

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