Accounting & Finance Software for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Xledger gives visionaries, founders, and startup leaders the business management tools they need to establish and grow their brands.

In the early days of a business, founders need to run lean and budget tightly. They need to prioritize growth, taking necessary steps to impress investors, and secure as much funding as possible. But in planning for growth, they often ignore the technologies that will enable their companies to scale.

Can Quickbooks cut it? The need for a broader finance software

Founders rightly fear the massive commitment of an ERP system, so they try to make do without one. The lack of a back-office solution makes it difficult to enter new markets or account correctly for the markets they are in. Without reliable finance software, visionaries struggle to demonstrate their startups to potential investors, undermining funding and the companies’ financial chances.

Plan for growth with an automated business management software

Xledger provides a solution: finance software for startups and entrepreneurs. Starting out, founders can configure their company at its current size. After that, they can scale as far and fast as they want: they will never outgrow Xledger. The Xledger finance solution equips leaders with real-time datasets and the market’s most powerful business intelligence tools. Demonstrate your promise to investors and customers at every stage of the startup process. Beyond insight, Xledger delivers robust automation. Free your staff to build your business by automating up to 75% of financial processes.

Xledger delivers a cloud finance software for startups and entrepreneurs

Xledger provides the tools you need to:

  • Scale as fast and far as their ambition. Xledger removes all limits or penalties for growth
  • Yield real-time insight with powerful business intelligence tools
  • Slice, dice, and present data in whatever format your board and investors need
  • Aggressive automation across financial processes. Xledger automates more processes than any competitor
  • Support submission and approval of time/expenses via smartphone

Xledger Finance Software

We empower visionaries and founders to see beyond ERP. Xledger gives startup teams an all-in-one solution that unites every core functionality: from timesheets to procurement and cash book to billing. Create new business units with ease and go remote with confidence, knowing that your data is secure on Xledger’s ISO 27001-certified true cloud solution.

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