A is for accounting and many other words.


B is for book (inventory) and being bombastic.

C is for cookies and more than just the sweet kind.

D is for deposits the way you get money

E is for expenses and keeping track of your bottom line.

F is for friends who do stuff together

G is for gross and not the icky kind

H is for hero and how to become one.

I is for intelligence, something you have.

J is for justice, Batman’s favorite word

L is lime and other fruits.

M is monkeys and the chocolate candy

N is for never giving up on your dreams.

O is for ocean and all of your possibilities.

P is for paper and not the company from Scranton that sells it

R is for right.

S is for songs and the software you can make it with.

T is for Taxes…

U is for undeniable and how awesome you are.

V is for victory and making it this far.

W is for worthy.

X is for Xledger the best accounting software in the world

Z is for zoo and the zombies that fill it.