An employee’s income is subjected to required deductions for taxes, union fees, and insurance deductibles, but not all income is subjected to this. The subject section is known as being available to garnish, or garnishment.

The percentage of income that is not available for garnishment is the EDI, and it is exempt from all deductibles and protects take-home pay.

Because we have things to buy, I need to find a garnish for my entrée. Those bigwig judges are never satisfied without a garnish.

What is an Expense?

  • Regarding business, an expense is any cost that adds to a company’s total cost of doing business. Regarding literally everything else, an expense is a cost associated with doing anything.
  • Paying for the acquisition of goods is an expense.
  • Paying for repairs or shipping: expense
  • Bills: expense
  • Wages: expense
  • Expense
  • Expense
  • Expense
  • If it costs money, it’s an expense.