True Cloud Finance Software

You almost certainly have at least one key business process running the cloud. In a changing economy where agility matters more than ever before, cloud-based software has become the gold standard for growing companies. However, not all cloud is true cloud.

Cloud-based systems win because they treat software as a utility. The provider serves you as one tenant among many on the same software instance. A true cloud provider will maximize this principle of multi-tenancy to serve all customers on a single software instance.

Very few financial software providers have reached this stage, and even fewer have sustained it. Xledger is the exception.

Xledger empowers you with the market’s most advanced true cloud finance solution, using hyper-efficient data infrastructure to equip every customer on a single software instance.

Redefining an online finance system

Our pure multi-tenant design unlocks the full benefits of the cloud. Experience unimagined efficiency gains. Designed for multi-tenancy, Xledger will minimize expense and eliminate e-waste while maximizing resource savings across your enterprise. Your team can access Xledger’s business management tools from anywhere at any time in the world, even in low-broadband regions. Seamless updates and security patches mean that you always have the most powerful and secure version of our true cloud finance solution. You can implement smoothly, go live quickly, and add new business units with ease on Xledger.

Every part of Xledger performs faster and runs leaner because of our true cloud commitment. Free your finance team by eliminating up to 75% of manual labor with Xledger’s combination of machine learning and process automation. Arm decision-makers with the robust BI tools they need to turn real-time data into actionable insight. Define workflows and distribute your workforce without fear, confident that your team’s digital interactions are secure on Xledger’s ISO 27001-certified cloud finance solution.

Our multi-tenant design also dovetails with automation. Using machine learning (ML), Xledger can distribute the benefits of key automation across its customer network. ML-enabled features like OCR and SmartHelps auto-assisted posting improve over time and use. With Xledger, you benefit from the collective experience of 10,000+ customers around the world.

  • Anytime-anywhere-any device accessibility
  • Hyper-efficient performance
  • ISO 27001-certified data security
  • Streamlined integrations
  • Efficiency gains from economies of scale
  • Simple and secure digital workflows
  • Seamless updates and security patches
  • Community AI (SafePay auto-validation, SmartHelps posting suggestions, OCR, and more)
  • Eco-friendly (eliminates e-waste and paper)

True Cloud Software

Unified and Multi-Tenant Software

In short, Xledger reimagines the financial cloud. We fulfill ‘standard’ cloud promises such as flexibility, access, and cost-effectiveness. Yet we go beyond the baseline to provide benefits only a true (multi-tenant) provider can: world-class security, maximal efficiency, scalability without limits, and more. And we pair this revolutionary platform with the market’s most advanced financial management software. From heightened agility to ‘cascading’ automation, Xledger will prepare you to chart your organization’s course through a changing world.

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