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Accountants and audit professionals have always had to retain and acquire clients while fulfilling strict reporting standards. Now they have to meet these obligations in an ever-changing market where remote audits have become the norm.

Experience untold time and labor savings

Managers can navigate these challenges with the right financial management software for accounting and audit firms. But these necessary solutions too often complicate their own success. Quickbooks-style accounting software penalizes your growth, while most ERP systems deliver function at the cost of agility.

Xledger provides accounting and audit leaders with the ability to see beyond ERP. We provide the market’s most automated accounting solution. Empower yourself with robust, real-time BI and one of the industry’s most secure cloud solutions.

Xledger: 75% reduced finance staff and 50% faster audit time

Go paperless, close remotely, and automate the most wide-ranging financial processes in the world. Xledger can enable you to fully or partly automate 75% of your manual processes, freeing finance staff for more strategically significant projects. You can automate bank reconciliation, payment processing, intercompany transactions, requisitioning, billing, allocations, accruals/deferrals, and more. And you can complete audits in half the time with audit trails, user- and behavior tracking, traceable cloud workflows, etc.

Next steps with an advanced finance solution

Xledger’s cloud finance solution equips you with real-time data and robust business intelligence tools alongside an always-on audit trail. We maximize security at every stage of our service, from SafePay validation to our ISO 27001-certified cloud environment. Since Xledger pushes the leading edge of digital transformation, you can serve your clients with confidence. Streamlined releases and security patches ensure that you always have the most powerful version of the system.

Cloud finance software for accounting and audit firms that

Xledger delivers finance management solutions for accounting and audit that:

  • Scale seamlessly. Xledger removes limits or penalties on your growth.
  • Yield real-time insight with robust business intelligence tools. Drill down to attached invoices or through for 360° insight into real-time datasets
  • Default rules that can ease compliance with US GAAP and IFRS standards
  • Security measures including SafePay validation, ACH payment security, always-on audit trails, and an ISO 27001-certified cloud environment
  • Aggressive automation across financial processes. From bank reconciliation to cloud workflows.

Xledger Finance Software

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