What is a unified finance system?

Xledger equips your organization with a unified finance solution. But what does that mean for you?

In today’s accounting software market, many providers integrate different applications into single ‘suites.’ These best-of-breed systems are only as good as the integrations that hold them together. By contrast, Xledger was built in the true cloud and designed to work as a whole: each functional area in seamless communication with every other.

Unlocking the benefits of unified finance software

Xledger’s unified design brings a range of benefits. You get anywhere-anytime access to the full functionality of our cloud finance SaaS solution. From core accounting and procurement to digital workflows and project management, you can transform your organization’s finances without add-ons or additional integrations.

Free your finance team from up to 75% of manual processes and arm decision-makers with the industry’s most advanced BI toolset. Xledger arms you with the entire spectrum of financial management capabilities: from core accounting, billing, project management, and workflow to donor management, payment processing, and collection. Since each functional area melds with every other, real-time data flows freely across the Xledger solution, giving you a single source of truth.

A unified design also augments the value of your software investment. Xledger’s synthesis of unity and true cloud allows you to implement with ease and scale without limits. Your users need only learn one interface, and our consultants train users in every organization to configure new entities without additional support. Grow as far and fast as you want: our unified solution will expand to match your ambition.

Future-proof your finances with unified cloud finance

But a unified finance solution will reap benefits beyond the present. Never customize or pay for upgrades again: Xledger issues seamless releases and system-wide security patches with minimal disruption to your business. Navigate an uncertain world with confidence, knowing that you will always have the most powerful and secure version of our software. Xledger combines this future-proofing with full protection of your financial health. We protect your organization with every resource at our disposal in a fully unified and ISO 27001-certified cloud platform.

Unified Financial Software


Xledger’s unified design empowers you with the following benefits:

  • Seamless data flows between core functional areas
  • Enhanced security with fewer vulnerable integrations
  • Anytime-anywhere access to a full range of financial management tools
  • Robust BI tools and real-time data
  • Smooth implementation and limitless scalability
  • Users need only learn one interface
  • Always on the most powerful, secure version of the Xledger solution
  • Future-ready finance with seamless releases and instant security patches
  • Increased efficiency and reduced load times
  • Streamlined integrations via a range of protocols

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