Maximize profitability and agility with Xledger business management

As a corporation in the tech industry, you have a high road for your ambitions. If you need to gain the insight and scalability your company deserves, you will want to spend more time on executing than on your back office. Repetitive tasks and painful expansions cannot support your rapid growth.

See beyond ERP on Xledger

Financial systems too often hamper agility. Traditional ERP systems saddle organizations with excessive costs and unnecessary complexities, but so does much of the cloud ERP software market.

Xledger empowers decision-makers in the tech industry to navigate their challenges. We enable you to see beyond ERP with the market’s most automated cloud financial management software.

Real-time data on Xledger’s cloud finance software for tech

Equip leaders with robust business intelligence tools through configurable dashboards and inquiry screens with real-time, consolidated data. Drill down to the transactional level and source documents or drill through multiple views for 360° understanding of any dataset.

75% of your manual processes

Streamline and digitize your processes, transforming your finance function as you transform your customer experiences. Xledger automates up to 75% of manual finance processes and shortens your audits by 50%. Free your finance staff to engage in analytics and strategic plans to scale.

Scale as far and fast as you want to

While scaling, Xledger makes it effortless to add a new business. If you need to create a new unit, the settings you made at the enterprise level will inherit downward to all new entities. So your financial expansion takes a fraction of its original time.

Xledger provides cloud finance software for tech that:

  • Transforms project management and business insight in one unified finance solution
  • Equips every part of your business to scale. Xledger removes all penalties or limits on your growth
  • Sets up easily and expands freely. Xledger streamlines setup, making your implementation clean and giving you the ability to create new business units with ease
  • Arms decision-makers with powerful insight tools and real-time datasets
  • Automates processes ranging from bank reconciliation to process workflow
  • Manages and automates complex billing cycles, including recurring billing and revenue recognition
  • Digitize submission and approval processes, including smartphone access
  • Instill peace of mind on a fully multi-tenant, ISO 27001-certified cloud solution

Xledger Finance Software

Xledger equips tech companies to transform their organizations. Meet and exceed your ambitions while securing your clients in an uncertain world. You can maximize profitability while minimizing expense on Xledger.

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