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Technology & Media

Technology companies have always been fast moving and the rate of change is getting faster. To help keep ahead of the competition technology companies require systems that can provide instant access to information on the profitability of specific projects as well as the overall business performance. Many IT business operations are global and have sites that are located in more remote areas so the ability to view data on a daily basis can be a challenge.


Marketing, Media and PR companies need to keep abreast of modern technology to maintain a creative and competitive advantage. Their in-house systems should enable management to instantly understand the profitability of their different projects and allow them to closely monitor cash flow.

Xledger provides maximum value for fast-growing ambitious companies that want to stay in control of their business, and take advantage of automation in order to streamline their business processes. Built on a multi-tenant cloud platform and robust functionality Xledger is the perfect choice for a company that wants to make sure that it can grow with its business system.

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