In the age of remote work, finance teams have had to master the arts of the remote close and virtual audit. Employees have had to reckon with digital fatigue, increased cyber threats, and a rapid pace of economic change.

Xledger’s latest release includes seven features that promise to change how your team works, whether from home or in the office. R1-2021 makes substantial improvements to security, accessibility, textured ease of use, collaboration, seamless setup, instant data entry, and superior performance. These benefits divide by user.

Advantages for the Average User


When security and accessibility conflict, Xledger prefers the former. Sign-on security has meant implementing two-factor authentication for access to our cloud finance software. However, Xledger never stops searching for a way to value both. R1-2021 delivers the answer, a sign-on protocol secure and accessible enough to transform remote working. Single Sign-On, or SSO, enables users already signed in to Microsoft Azure or ADFS to access Xledger without the need to remember another password.


Finance systems too often prefer technically literate super-users over any other kind of user. Xledger takes a different path, continually refining a system that provides every user with the simplicity and functionality they need to perform their role. Empowering infrequent users lowers the need for support and training, reducing waste and boosting efficiency across your finance team. R1-2021 streamlines the user experience with more rapid load times, new screen fabrics, a simpler, more configurable homepage; slide-model graphics, a user interface with new icons and an improved search menu; and new options for a company-definable starting page.

Textured Ease of Use

Xledger believes that look and feel should also include function. At every stage of R1, Xledger has accelerated searches. But the solution goes beyond this. In addition to seeing what they need in two-digit milliseconds, customers can now drill down within the same screen in any fabric they want. R1 grants customers five different aesthetics: classic, business, flex, fabric, and futuristic.


Improving accessibility also improves collaboration. Users outside the finance department might interact with a finance solution only to track time or submit expenses. In the last release of 2020, Xledger debuted a superior module for expense entry. R1-2021 both refines the functionality of this new module and enhances the interfaces for timesheets and absence registration. Your team members can now work more quickly, navigate the system more easily, and secure approvals within a shorter timeframe than they ever have before.

Advantages for the Super User

Seamless Setup

As digital transformation accelerates, even chief accountants need intuitive financial software, systems that simplify management. Most financial software providers gauge their development by ‘good enough’: if a back-end module ‘works’ for expert users, then R&D avoids changing it. By contrast, Xledger’s development team strives to create a seamless experience for every user, admin roles no less than the average employee. R1-2021 refreshes the visual interface for setting up fields, streamlining access, and making activating or deactivating entities easier. Admin users will spend less time configuring and maintaining the system. They will grasp the important details sooner and waste fewer resources in resolving issues. By targeting expert users, R1-2021 frees the most powerful assets in your organization for projects of greater strategic value.

Instant Data Entry

Among the most remarkable advances in Xledger’s R1-2021 ranks the all-new drag-and-drop functionality from Outlook. Rather than downloading and uploading attachments or manually copying invoices line-by-line into their financial solution, a superuser can drag and drop the entire email directly into Xledger. Xledger’s finance solution will ‘read’ the invoice, populate key details, and generate posting suggestions with the aid of SmartHelps machine learning. Chief accountants will experience minor but measurable time savings, once more releasing them to focus on driving growth.

System-wide benefits

Superior Performance

Xledger’s R&D team prioritized a wide range of changes to UX, feel, and accessibility. Chief Engineer Jarle Sky acknowledges that his projects had little to do with database reduction. However, R1 made a 15.5% reduction in database volume—volume that translates directly into speed. “Customers looking at this say, ‘Wow, this is amazing,” Sky said. “As a result of the optimization in this release, many searches have sped to 10x faster than the prior release.”

Xledger empowers 10,000+ customers worldwide with the market’s most automated and unified finance solution. Trusted by globally trusted audit firms BDO and PwC, Xledger automates more accounting processes than any competitor. Both IDC and Gartner have recognized Xledger as a provider in the market for financial management software—IDC as a major player and Gartner as a representative vendor.

Serving every customer on the true-cloud finance solution, we can issue releases and security patches seamlessly. As an Xledger customer, you will always have our software’s most powerful and secure version.

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