True Cloud Finance Software for Ambitious Companies

Xledger is empowering ambition. We create cloud-based financial management software with you—the customer—in mind. Xledger innovates for your success, driving digital transformation at 10,000+ organizations worldwide with the market’s most unified and automated Cloud finance software solutions. Trusted by globally trusted audit firms BDO and PwC, Xledger has earned a 98% customer retention rate—the industry’s highest. Our true cloud system brings structure and order to your financial world, enabling you to run a more efficient and effective finance department.

Recover time, save resources, and free finance staff from up to 75% of manual processes. In an ever-changing world, Xledger provides businesses and nonprofits across sizes and sectors with the advanced financial management tools they need to prosper.

Named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide (2019) for Service-Centric cloud ERP Solutions, Xledger was also designated a Major Player in IDC‘s MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket Finance and Accounting Application 2020.

Empowering your ambition with automated finance software

Managing a finance department has always been complex. Finance leaders have always had to manage and streamline processes and deliver board-ready insight while maintaining audit trails and internal controls across the enterprise. But in today’s uncertain world, FDs and CFOs face greater challenges than ever before: from remote work and cybersecurity to new responsibilities and the accelerating pace of digital change.

Enter our 100% cloud finance software solution. Xledger supports your ambition with three value pillars: Automation, Insight, and Scalability. We automate more accounting processes than competitors: bank integration, data entry, posting suggestions, bill processing, integrations, invoicing, workflow, allocations, and more. Your finance team can go hands-free on up to 75% of manual tasks and cut average audit times in half. Xledger arms decision-makers with real-time data and the advanced BI functionality they need to extract insight. Drill down to PDFs of underlying invoices or through multiple views for a 360° understanding. In Xledger, you can handle the entire inquiry process in a single flex screen. We also equip you to scale beyond borders. Turn opportunities into business and grow to the limits of your ambition: on Xledger, you will never run out of the system.

Transform your finance department. Xledger enables you to bring productivity from inefficiency and transparency from chaos. Recover time, save money, and eliminate costly errors. Secure your workflows on an ISO 27001-certified true cloud solution. With Xledger, you can build your bottom line while enjoying a sense of wonder and accomplishment. We empower you to advance your mission with confidence.

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