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Why Xledger?

Xledger’s tagline is empowering ambition. Our founders created Xledger Cloud ERP with you—the customer—in mind.  Xledger supports your ambition with three value pillars: automation, insight, and scalability. We automate processes ranging from bank reconciliation to invoice entry. We give you a basis for quality decisions with strategic, real-time insight. We free your organization to grow without limits, making it easy to create new business units. We don’t define your vision, but we do exist to help you achieve it. 


Empowers efficiency


Empowers understanding


Empowers freedom

Our Approach

We aim to fold automation, insight, and scalability into everything we do. But that isn’t the only way we empower ambition. We at Xledger take pride in how we do business. We view every customer as a partner, worthy of dedication and honor. Our platform, our support, our swift implementation, our seamless upgrades—all flow from a distinct commitment.

We do not define your vision, but we exist to help you achieve it.

Xledger’s approach involves four principles:

We don’t define your vision, but we do exist to help you achieve it.

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