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Professional services

Business managers in professional service businesses are under pressure to ensure the accuracy of their bid process and having a full picture of the profitability of all their projects is vital to their success. The professional services manager needs to be able to quickly identify which projects are overrunning either in time or costs and to ensure that all charges associated with each project are billed to the client.

Xledger is an integrated finance and project accounting system that can help you, as a manager in professional services, address these challenges. The comprehensive system includes project costing and billing, timesheet and expenses, resource planning and budgeting. You will have the constant visibility of overall cash position that you need to make informed decisions with the confidence that this is based on accurate data.

Enhancing the power of cloud-based technology means the system will support a dispersed workforce enabling access via any device, any time and from any place. You can also be confident that, as a software as a service, Xledger will continue to support your requirements into the future as your business develops.

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