Cloud Timesheet & Expense Tracking

United in One Finance Management Solution

In an ever-changing world, finance leaders need to maximize revenue across projects. Whether you run a professional services firm or a global nonprofit, Xledger equips you to equip your team for paperless productivity through time and expense tracking.

Our cloud timesheet and expense tracking software empowers you to maximize profit by capturing every billable hour. Your users can submit timesheets and file documented expense reports from anywhere, at any time, on any device with a web browser. Role-based dashboards pair security with tailored functionality, enabling digital workflows that release you from paper. Managers and staff can confidently work, knowing that Xledger secures every workflow within our certified finance solution.

Eliminate bolt-on modules: Xledger unifies time and expenses with the rest of your financial processes, seamlessly interweaving everything from project accounting to procurement in one cloud accounting system. We automate more accounting processes than competitors, with the average customer going hands-free on up to 75% of manual tasks. Eradicate delays in reporting and approval: Xledger automatically rolls up data from your digital workflows and arms leaders with the market’s most advanced BI tools.

Cloud Expense Tracking for Every Employee

Furnish staff and managers with the necessary tools to collaborate without borders or friction. Employees have extensive options for submitting time and expenses: through a web browser or Xledger’s mobile app and by variables spanning from time type to project. Rather than collecting documentation and waiting weeks for reimbursement, your staff can scan or take pictures of receipts and enter them directly into Xledger. Managers enjoy a broader range of options: enter their hours and expenses, review and approve employee submissions, or slice and dice project data from every possible angle. 

Revolutionize your time and expense management with Xledger

Xledger delivers powerful cloud timesheet and expense management software for both employees and managers. We equip employees with widespread streamlining and ease of use while we empower managers with granular analytics and paperless approvals.



  • Import or directly input time into the system via Xledger’s smartphone interface, calendar-based input, or browser application
  • Book time by selecting from pre-defined values such as projects, assignments, and time codes
  • Time type options include regular time, overtime, and billable time


  • View full timesheet reports from different angles, each supported with various graphs and dashboards
  • Route the timesheet approvals throughout the workflow as needed
  • Access a complete electronic document archive



  • Create expense reports and attach receipts, including on mobile devices
  • Allocate submitted expenses to the corresponding cost category, department, and/or other dimensions
  • Enjoy a simple and efficient reimbursement process that includes automatic posting to the organization’s books
  • Create templates or rules for easy handling of repetitive expenses
  • Access the archive of electronic vouchers


  • View and route expense approvals through paperless workflows
  • Link expense categories to GL accounts
  • Create expense templates for recurring expenses
  • Access full reports, configurable workflow, and approval functionality on Xledger’s finance solution via any mobile device.

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