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Regardless of your process complexity, with Xledger, you can expect the effective automation of repetitive business processes and effective notification of uncompleted tasks in the process. Specifically, we streamline electronic processes for approval of bills, timesheets, expense reports, purchase orders, journal entries, and payments – with numerous customer-definable validation points. Workflow enhances and automates internal controls around expense approvals and release of cash. Workflow collaboration allows teams to manage the full lifecycle of a project, from time tracking and resource planning, to accounting and billing. We simplify these processes by informing users of open item status via emails or task list and by handling all of the complex stuff in the background. Users can configure the kind and frequency of notifications they receive, then provide input, approval, or denial on our primary cloud app or via their mobile device using Xledger Touch.

All workflow actions are logged by User ID and date/time stamped to ensure customers can successfully satisfy all annual auditor requirements and data requests.

Key advantages of workflow:

  • Secure time (payroll/project), procurement (encumbrance), journal entry/expense report (expense), and payment (cash release) approval controls.
  • Journal entries can be “workflowed” by journal entry type and up to 5 dimensional attributes that are completely configurable to the entity.
  • Users can be grouped and sequenced to provide categorized assignments and departmental control.


  • Amount based approval thresholds.
  • Multiple non-sequenced payment approvers as an optional setting.
  • Option to add additional supervisor approvals for expense reports.

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