Personalized service for personalized cloud finance software

From the beginning, Xledger has followed a simple creed: either you win or we lose. We empower every customer with personalized software service for every stage of their finance process, from onboarding to ongoing development. Our commitment to service has earned Xledger the industry’s highest lifetime customer retention rate at 98%.

Transform your organization with the market’s most advanced and personalized cloud finance solution. As a true cloud provider, Xledger combines the most efficient platform in the industry with twenty years of expertise serving organizations like yours. We configure our financial management software to your needs, giving you a custom finance solution without costly customization.

Experience the benefits of cloud support

Explore Xledger’s multi-tenant environment, where seamless releases and instant patches keep you at the cutting edge of financial management software. Transform your team’s remote workflow: you can securely access Xledger’s cloud finance solution from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with a browser. In the same way, Xledger’s veteran consultants can investigate support issues quickly, securely, and with minimal disruption to your business.

Our support team has twenty years of experience equipping users across functions, from IT specialists to business managers. Unlike our competitors, we assign your implementation to an onshore Xledger consultant rather than a third-party reseller.

Xledger’s lifetime commitment to personalized software service

After going live, Xledger gives every user the expertise and resources they need to gain competence. We provide extensive consultant-led training with every implementation and intensive support in the weeks afterward, plus additional training whenever your team needs a refresher. Your users will find a deep archive of feature demos and explainer videos within the Xledger solution.

Yet Xledger aims to do more than train you to use Xledger. During and after implementation, our consultants will help you optimize your financial processes for maximum automation. Xledger customers have automated up to 75% of their manual processes: from bank reconciliation and data entry to workflow and consolidated insight. We want our partnership to transform your finance function, not just digitize it.

Along with these benefits, Xledger gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure on our ISO 27001-certified cloud platform. We protect your organization with every resource at our disposal.

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