Highly flexible cloud ERP integrations

Xledger supports integrations by various means, including GraphQL, web services, and Excel/JSON imports and exports.


GraphQL is an open-source query language developed by Facebook and released in 2015. As the list of brands using it implies, GraphQL offers substantial advantages over its predecessors. With GraphQL, you can fetch multiple resources with a single query, eliminating the data excesses and shortfalls of SOAP and REST. Hierarchically structured, GraphQL supplies clients with built-in documentation and operates as a storage-free communication protocol. Unlike SOAP or REST, GraphQL allows clients to define and receive the exact data structures they need. Xledger joins Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, and more in leveraging GraphQL for powerful, intuitive integrations.


Xledger’s cloud ERP solution also supports the classic integration paradigm SOAP. A wide variety of available web services allow for the extraction of data from the application’s many modules as well as data import capabilities.



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