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Customer stories

Xledger and 60 Decibels

"There is no doubt that Xledger has streamlined our closing and financial reporting process. We close monthly on day 5, something which would not have been remotely achievable with Xero."

Einar Pederson, Chief Financial Officer
60 Decibels
HHRD & Xledger

"Automated bank reconciliation has also been huge and really helpful. We have saved over 80 hours in accounting per month."

Farooq Haque, CFO
Helping Hands for Relief & Development
Dakotas UMC

"In three quarters’ day, we took care of one year of work. That’s amazing!"

Jeff Pospisil, Executive Director of Finance
Dakotas Conference of Methodist Churches
American Soybean Association

"Xledger has been instrumental in the formation of our positive-pay program that ensures safety and compliance with weekly payment batches."

Cindy Westervelt, Accounting Coordinator
American Soybean Association
Cure International Xledger

"Xledger transformed us. We want to double our surgical capacity over the next five years, and we believe Xledger is one of the crucial decisions we have made to make that a reality."

David Helman, CPA, Chief Finance Officer
CURE International
Galbraith's Shipbroker Xledger

“Xledger has freed up a huge amount of my time and I can now give a head’s up on what’s coming to fruition in 3 months’ time where I couldn’t before.”

Louis Gonzalez, Head of Finance
BOLDGroup Optimized

"The automation Xledger brings is outstanding. We have automated our billing, expense process and bank reconciliation just to name a few."

Bridget Foster , Director of Finance
BOLD Technologies
Partner story - Accurise

"With Xledger, we can cater to a larger, more complex client base and provide a better service at the same time. The software is undoubtedly a true asset to business process outsourcers.”

Rob Howard, CEO
Swindon College Xledger

"Total cost of ownership for a true cloud solution is a key feature of Xledger and its ease of use. There are a lot of colleges that could benefit out there that currently use the old 90s style ERP systems."

Jim Bridgeman, Accountant
Swindon College