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Orders and billing

Xledger has been designed with the goal to provide a solution that is simple and cost-effective to manage. In addition to traditional functionality for integration of ordering and billing with AR and GL, Xledger takes this a step further coupling the GL, all sub-ledgers and dimensions to enhance project accounting with automated invoice creation and flexible distribution options.

Xledger is extremely flexible and can be configured in a myriad of ways to suit the customer’s exact needs. Sales orders can be created on a one-time or recurring basis. The system supports subscription billing, donation invoicing, mass invoicing, sales orders, and automatic handling of royalties and commissions. In conjunction with project accounting, billing for time and expenses is automated.

Xledger further optimizes accounts receivable with customization of customers, customer groups, products, product groups, invoice templates, automated recurring billing, custom price lists, delivery & payment methods and fixed sales accounts. In addition to automating the handling of invoices internally, we can also enhance distribution of invoices and automate collection efforts.

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