Invoice Software – Orders and Billing

Shorten your order management cycle

Whether you run an accounting firm or a software company, you cannot afford to leave money on the table. Xledger equips you with the invoice automation software you need to recover time and maximize revenue.

We provide cloud-based capabilities for basic order management. For instance, Xledger integrates orders and billing with accounts receivable and your general ledger. We afford an unusually wide range of dimensions for tracking orders and arm you with various invoice templates. Authorized members of your finance team can manage orders and create invoices in Xledger’s cloud-native solution: accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device with a web browser.

But Xledger goes beyond a basic orders and billing solution. We enable you to automate as many steps as possible throughout the invoicing process.

Save time and drive growth with invoice automation software

Free your team from up to 75% of manual invoicing tasks. In Xledger, you will find automations for both invoice creation and distribution. Automate invoicing at regular or irregular intervals: Xledger can generate recurring invoices for some accounts without affecting others. Combine multiple orders into a single invoice and prevent disputes by attaching digital documentation to every invoice.

Eliminate delays and personalize billing with a variety of automated delivery options. You can transmit auto-generated PDFs yourself or issue batch files. With Xledger, you can handle subscription billing or donation invoicing in dedicated portals.  You can even direct Xledger’s automated service center to mail invoices on your behalf.

A unified orders and billing solution in the true cloud

In Xledger, orders and billing comprise one functional area of a unified system. We unify financial functions across your organization, from orders and billing and core accounting to procurement and every employee’s digital workflow. Streamline financial data flows seamlessly across the Xledger system. We combine real-time data with powerful BI tools, allowing you to see further into your data and farther into your future than ever before. And Xledger secures every dataset—from last months’ invoices to next year’s budget—in our ISO 27001-certified cybersecure cloud finance solution.

Xledger’s automated finance solution transforms your orders and billing process through:

  • Automated recurring billing
  • Automated time and expense billing
  • Sales order creation on a one-time or recurring basis
  • Subscription billing
  • Donation invoicing
  • Mass invoicing
  • Automated handling of royalties and commissions

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