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Procurement and inventory

Xledger’s procurement capability is not simply a purchasing module, but is a growing embodiment of best practices within the Procure-to-Pay process framework. This framework encompasses areas such as sourcing control, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management, and invoicing and payables management. Xledger enables the simplification of basic procure-to-pay processes, the reduction of costs by optimizing inventory levels and reducing waste, and the improvement of supplier management by maintaining high levels of supplier and customer satisfaction.

Xledger’s procurement capability provides complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issuance to receipting, for all product and service types including supplies/consumables, assets/capitalized items, stocked/inventory items, services, etc. Drop ship orders to alternate locations, including a customer address. Manage purchase types, terms and inventory based upon product categories, supplier details, min/max settings, lot tracking, expiration dates, auto-replenishment, serial number tracking, etc. Automate the back-end accounting for inventory and direct expense items, with varied accounting rules for usage vs. sale, by product group or type, etc. The updates to vendor and inventory balances then occur in real-time. Allocate costs or revenue for expense, capital or inventory purchases freely to appropriate cost centers, departments, fund sources, or other dimensions. Unit of measure conversion allows purchase of items in different units of measure than you sell or use. Split goods receipts to accommodate multiple shipments for any given PO.

Control, through workflow, the complete procurement process from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, cost accrual and vendor payment. Ensure compliance with internal controls and that all spending is authorized (with digital signatures). And, reporting enables a comprehensive view into your relationships, performance, and risks.

Coming soon will be unified front-end requisition to support end-to-end procure-to-pay workflow coupled with encumbrance accounting.


  • Orders
  • Pick lists
  • Packing slips
  • Billing
  • Purchase order templates
  • Auto-generated purchase proposals
  • Serial numbers, item numbers, batch numbers
  • Production tracking
  • Storage and location management
  • Returns management
  • Inventory corrections
  • Bearing removal
  • Stocktaking
  • Auto adjustments
  • Automated depreciation

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