Master your costs with cloud-based inventory and procurement software

As the world changes faster than ever, organizations must find ways to revamp their supply and stocking processes for a new economy. Xledger provides you with the cloud-based inventory management and procurement software you need to master costs.

Empower your managers with real-time visibility into every warehouse and stage of the procurement process. Our cloud procurement software delivers a wide range of integrated insight capabilities. Extract valuable insight from real-time data with Xledger’s powerful business intelligence tools. Our solution keeps general ledger coding accurately from the first initiation to final posting, enabling you to perform full, multi-dimensional general ledger analyses. You can track every second and analyze every detail: drill-down and drill-through datasets ranging from purchase orders and trends to supplier performance and commitments against budget. As an Xledger customer a user, you can optimize spend management and achieve full cost certainty.

Our cloud finance system enables you to fold market-leading automation into your procurement and inventory functions. Recover time and save money while freeing staff from up to 75% of manual processes. With Xledger, you can leverage automation for purchase orders and workflows, auto-generating purchase orders and auto-emailing them to your suppliers. Our system integrates seamlessly with your bank and autonomously reconciles your accounts on a nightly daily basis.

Evolve your inventory management in Xledger

Xledger will also transform your inventory handling and replenishment. Use one of multiple stock valuation options, from FIFO, LIFO,  to Average Value. Control accounting treatment and supporting documentation with Xledger’s flexible product register. Our cloud-based inventory management solution includes powerful capabilities for stocktaking, adjustments, transfers, returns, quarantine, and more. With automated replenishment and multi-dimensional item tracking, you need never again suffer delays.

Through all of this, you can redefine productivity. Xledger enables you to control and safeguard your approvals with automated digital workflows. Your authorized users can create, submit, and track their own purchase orders from any device or Xledger’s mobile app. Grow freely and go remote without fear, confident that your procurement and inventory workflows are secure on Xledger’s ISO 27001-certified cloud environment.

Purchasing and Inventory Software

Features of our Cloud Procurement Software include:

  • Purchase order templates
  • Auto-generated purchase proposals
  • Serial number, batch (lot) number, and date tracking
  • Multiple warehouses and locations
  • Built-in multi-dimensional and multi-level workflow
  • Automatic posting of goods receipt accruals
  • Automatic emailing of purchase orders to suppliers
  • Full general ledger analysis, including by project, fund, and department

Xledger’s Cloud-Based Inventory Management includes:

  • Multiple stock valuation methods
  • Multiple warehouses and locations/bins
  • Serial number, date, and batch (lot) tracking
  • Item analysis, for example, size and color
  • Stocktaking, adjustments, transfers, issues, and write-offs
  • Returns, quarantine, and quality assurance
  • Automatic replenishment orders
  • Bill of materials

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