Donor Management Software – Fundraising Software For Nonprofits

Track, cultivate and stop donor attrition

If you manage a nonprofit, then you face a unique challenge. You need to keep existing donors, attract new funding, and sustain program outcomes—all while running leaner than ever before.

Xledger equips you to accomplish these goals with unified donor management software on a true cloud platform. Our finance solution breaks down silos between finance and fundraising, uniting donor management with core accounting. Every member of your team can access Xledger anytime, anywhere, from any device with a web browser.

Retain existing members and donors and cultivate new relationships. With Xledger, you can manage multiple dimensions of information about donors and members, using fields ranging from contact details and demographics to past behavior and donation preferences. Both fundraising and finance leaders receive role-based dashboards and the market’s most advanced business intelligence toolset, facilitating 360° insight into every donor. Stop donor bleed: Xledger delivers powerful fundraising software for nonprofits. Evaluate past performance, analyze current prospects, and conduct data-driven campaigns to fundraise, create advocacy, and share news, among other goals.

A unified nonprofit accounting solution

Beyond donor retention, Xledger’s donor management software will transform your organization’s financial processes. We fully integrate fundraising and fund accounting, enabling you to save time and resources. Xledger automation can free your finance team from up to 75% of manual processes. Go hands-free on a wide range of processes: data entry, donation processing, assessments, bank reconciliation, and more, including rules-based communication with donors (instant thank-you letters, monthly updates, annual reports, etc.). With Xledger’s donor management software, you can easily manage donations of all types, whether tax-deductible and not tax-deductible donations, cash-based or in-kind.

As an Xledger customer, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your nonprofit. Unify functions across your organization: Xledger integrates IT, operations, program, and more. But we also provide a revolutionary customer service experience. Our veteran consultants have helped nonprofits optimize their finances and automate their processes for over twenty years. Run lean and go remote with confidence, knowing that we protect your fundraising and financial data with every resource at our disposal.

Nonprofit Software

Xledger transforms donor management with:

  • All member and donor information accessible in one place
  • Donor management unified with core accounting
  • Comprehensive analysis with market-leading insight tools, including configurable reporting, tailored dashboards, and multi-dimensional inquiry screens. Filter, sort, report, and export by dimensions including fund, donation type, project, and budget
  • Automated donation processing and donor management.
    • Checks. Scan checks into Xledger: our donor management software will extract relevant details, suggest a dedicated contact and fund, and then transmit checks to your bank via X9.37 RDC file protocol.
    • Credit cards. Leveraging integrations with merchant services partners, Xledger uses tokenization to handle all credit card transactions.
  • Track multiple dimensions of information on donors, members, and more. Fields include demographics, gifts, donations, subscriptions, giving history, schedules, and many more.
  • All donations and donor data protected in Xledger’s cloud-native business management solution: certified cybersecurity by UKAS, the world’s leading accreditation body.

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