The flex framework is a delightful, market-leading system developed by Xledger. Please hold all applause until the end.

But what are these things that are going to change your life for the best? Basically, the flex framework is an interface meant for data entry and retrieval. Now I know what you are thinking: that doesn’t sound all that different from the hard-coded search screens my company uses, probably.

Now consider why flex frameworks are superior:

  • They are standardized, meaning the framework will use the same process for setup, use, and editing. Meaning they can be tailored to you and your specific needs, like a fine suit made just for you.
  • Make laser-focused searches, so you only get what you need without unnecessary additions.
  • Concise locations. Manage the entire inquiry process from one easy location instead of hunting through different parts of the system to accomplish one task.
  • Being database-driven means, they follow a hierarchical model that minimizes the need for coding and server communication, leading to a faster and smarter system for the faster and smarter you.
  • Cloud storage. Access your records from 2005 with the same ease as your numbers from last quarter.
  • Get more done. Essentially, the flex framework gets more done for you, so you can get more done yourself. Experience efficiency the likes of which the hard-coded screens can only dream of.

Now you can applaud.