Revenue is money. The sweet green. The cash salad (Disclaimer: Do not eat cash). Ultimately, revenue is the total amount of money a company brings in over a specified time. This is compromised of the profits and earnings of a company’s sales, services, and operations.

When calculating revenue, ensure all avenues of income are accounted for, consider them like small insects marching along, and you must number them off one by one. After all, that’s why they are called a-count-ants. If you did not find that funny, you have no soul.

Regardless of who or who doesn’t have a sense of humor, total earnings, equity, and interest must all be accounted for. This is before the consideration of any liabilities or deductions.

Knowing revenue is vital because it is the number from which all others must flow. Failure to calculate this correctly may cause drastic consequences when dealing with smaller financial records.