No. Well maybe?

Big data is the entity trying to keep us all under control. Is the website asking for cookies? Big data. Is someone telling you a statistic? Big data. How much you pay for fast internet on your phone? Big data.

Alright, pretend that the cameras did not just turn towards you. Nod and smile as I tell you what Big Data wants you to hear:

Big data is a term that references the immense amount of structured and unstructured data that can be mined for information, insight, or, you guessed it, data.

These caches are everywhere, from financial reports to loose documentation uploaded to the internet. These veritable treasure troves are incredibly valuable to businesses, and the chests of knowledge are opened through keys like predictive analytics and comparative results.

However, this hunt presents various challenges, such as initial acquisition, acceptable storage, accurate analysis, and potential knowledge use.

However, more and more tools are being developed to help businesses make valuable and informed future decisions.

Okay, the cameras should have turned back. What I have told you is true, and you should attempt to unlock big data caches to help your businesses.