In any industry, there is a need for quality assurance, value building, and competitor prevention. Control points are the critical foundation for businesses to protect their value and enhance market sway.

Each industry has its map of control points, with some significant examples being things that include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Controlling value chains.
  • Be a de facto industry standard.
  • Dominating distribution channels.
  • Implementation specialty.
  • Premise control.

Many failed businesses needed help to take or keep their control points, leading to competitors dominating the market in their industry, preventing company growth and then stagnation.

Control points also act as a certain measure of protection against economic downturns, as dominating control points can protect the longevity of a brand, even through a recession.

Remember, your team can take a control point, but should you fail to keep it or leave it unguarded, all it takes is a competent healer/tank combo with a solid DPS flank to overwhelm your position. Never immediately go for control point B, especially on city maps.

That was a joke, but imagine a video game where you own a business and are at constant war to capture control points, while an overly energetic narrator comes in with, “You just lost Industry Standard. Get it back! Your opponents have taken control point Implementation. That’s a power play.”