You may have heard of “drill down”, that is to say, the ability for a user to move from an overview of data to a more specific view within the same dataset. As if you were drilling down into a mine. You are still in the same mine but going deeper into it to find…whatever it is you are mining for.


Here at Xledger, we have our own term for it: X-osphere. It’s a bit fancy, but then again, so are we.

The X-osphere takes the drill-down method and expands on it to a greater degree because not only can you drill down to see the finest details of your data, but you can also see your data in 360 degrees with our special data analysis technology.

That’s right, don’t just go down. Go sideways! Up down, left, right, it is your call. Examine your data how YOU want to, not how linear software would tell you to. It’s like that crazy glass elevator Wonka has, but instead of a child-endangering chocolate factory, it’s records and data.

Useful in

  • analyzing budget
  • forecasting
  • general ledgers
  • accounts payable, receivable, and minable (wait, what is an account minable?)
  • and much, much more.


Why is drilling down important? Right, the general use. Drilling down is important because being able to analyze your data is vital for forecasting, finding errors in records and upcoming books, discovering patterns, and whatever else is involved in your financial world.