Just as you rarely want to see these monstrosities lurking around you, companies would rather avoid dealing with their own zombies and ghosts.

As zombies rise from the dead, so too do these assets appear. A zombie asset exists within a company but was never placed into any depreciation schedule or analysis, leaving the asset unchecked and rotting away. Leaving this for too long could send it well past its profitable life, yet physically remains within the company.

Ghosts tend to linger in the place of their death, haunting those around them. In the same way, a ghost asset still lingers in company files and balance sheets but cannot be located physically. So, they continue to haunt the balance sheet, absorbing unnecessary funds while being unseen and unknown.

Just as these two can ruin a perfectly nice house in the middle of Spooksville in a horror movie, our undead assets can eat away at a company’s finances. Taking money and effectively killing it until they are put to rest, the balance sheets rectified.

Thankfully, using the right ERP with an asset-tracking system can keep your business free of the undead.