We all know and dread it. You rolled just right and must move the dog forward—Income Tax. Pay $900 if it’s too high or 10% of your total net worth if you can calculate the value reasonably. Now just don’t land…on…Boardwalk…I’m talking about Monopoly! The game that never ends.

Real Income Tax is a mandatory tax the U.S. Government imposed on businesses and citizens. Unlike Monopoly, where I refuse ever to pay.

The tax is defined individually based on income, with higher wages and revenue streams being taxed more.

The taxes are then sent off to things like government projects and operations; I suspect these include getting out of jail for free.

These taxes are paid annually and adjusted on an annual basis depending on what deductions an individual or business has taken.

Now you may pass GO and collect your $200, but it will not help once you land on Boardwalk for the third time.