Bulk Inventory is the physical inventory in storage or specific storage devices.

There wasn’t much to this, so to round this one out, I am going to write a sonnet about Bulk Inventory.


Bulk Inventory – an Xledger sonnet


Come one come all to see the goods

We place in bins of metals and woods.

To store most safe in this fair place.

Record them well lest we make waste

And in the book, we keep their name.

And in the budget, we judge their gain.

For here, we keep Inventory in Bulk.

To send the consumer lest they whine and sulk.

But lo! What strange thing is this, I spy?

Is the bulk up and passing me by?

It seems all I have gathered was sold.

And leaves my bulk storage rather cold.

So here I will sit, alone and sad.

And dream of the Inventory I once had.