Core Accounting Software

Whether accountant or CFO, you need a finance system you can trust with the financial heart of your enterprise. Xledger empowers you with the market’s most robust core accounting software.

Simplify your business management with Xledger’s advanced automation and analytical capabilities. Equip your decision-makers with real-time financial insight. Unite your core accounting processes: in Xledger, one cloud accounting system powers your General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Cash Book functions.

Launch your finance team to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Save time and resources while ensuring compliance and eliminating costly errors. From pre-defined balance sheets, profit & loss statements, to automated bank reconciliation, Xledger holds the power to transform your core accounting function.

General Ledger

The general ledger (GL) is the hub of your financial system, the record of all economic events throughout your organization. Your GL should adapt to your organization’s specific needs, and Xledger does exactly that. Our finance system affords you pre-defined balance sheets and profit & loss statements, along with 17 distinct, customer-definable dimensions for allocation across GL, sub-ledger, asset, and bank transactions. We pair this flexibility with advanced BI capabilities, from automatic consolidation to drill-down and drill-through, all the way to source documents. Xledger GL eases compliance, saves time, and frees your organization to grow without limits.

Features include:

  • Flexible chart of accounts
  • Real-time, immediate financial consolidation
  • Built-in sub-ledgers ensure a GL free from clutter and reconciliation conflicts, with no need for bolt-on applications
  • Multi-entity, multi-dimension, and multi-currency support
  • Drill-down to the source documents and approvers of each transaction
  • Simple yet robust journal entry and edit, always with full audit trail
  • Default rules that can ease compliance with U.S. GAAP and IFRS standards
  • Support for several budget versions
  • You can have three extra corporate currencies for consolidation purposes
  • Automation of data entry via OCR
  • Comprehensive workflow eliminates manual processes

Accounts Payable

Xledger’s finance solution includes advanced accounts payable support, from vendor management to payment processing workflow. Eliminate the hassle of paying your bills and tracking payments. Because Xledger delivers built-in accounts payable functionality, there are no reconciliation issues between the GL and the AP sub-ledger. Xledger automates as many AP processes as possible, saving you time and resources on data entry, posting, payments, and more. We maximize security at every stage, from ACH payment, issuance of checks, to SafePay validation.

Features include:

  • Automation of data entry through OCR bill recognition and validation
  • Multi-rule, multi-person, and multi-level posting and payment approval workflow
  • Intuitive Smart Helps offers automated posting suggestions for each journal entry
  • SafePay validation helps to ensure against fraudulent transactions
  • Flexible disbursement options: Pay with check, wire transfer, or electronically via ACH, all through the system and without manual effort
  • Automatic payments on your schedule automated matching of transactions to ensure that bills are only paid once
  • Better prediction of future cash flow from the dashboard
  • Generate 1099s with ease
  • Intercompany transactions

Accounts Receivable

Xledger equips you to revamp your accounts receivable processes. Improve your cash flow through efficient management of customer accounts, billing, and cash collection. Since the accounts receivable functionality is native to Xledger, you will never have reconciliation issues between the general ledger and the AR sub-ledger. As with AP, Xledger’s cloud accounting system frees your finance team from as many tedious, manual AR processes as possible: payment matching, interest calculation, collections management, intra-group billing, and many more. Along with world-class security, we also offer a wide range of options for your invoicing and billing needs.

Features include:

  • Invoice templates, rules, and delivery options
  • Recurring and subscription billing
  • Automated payment matching to ensure no-waste collection efforts
  • Automated calculation of commission, royalty, discounts, and interest
  • Attach supporting documentation to invoices
  • Calculate discounts and interest charges automatically
  • Automated collections management
  • Automation of intra-group billing with default posting for the recipient company

Xledger Core Financials

Cash Book

No finance system is complete without cash management. Xledger’s cash book offers unprecedented levels of flexibility and automation. Automate cash book processes ranging from bank reconciliation and data roll-up to posting rules. We pair real-time insight into your organization’s cash flow with a future-ready BI toolset. Monitor, investigate, or forecast: Xledger arms your decision-makers to extract actionable intelligence from any dataset.

Features include:

  • Import bank statement data
  • Bank integration
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Automated bank reconciliation
  • Bank statement
  • Automated exchange gain/loss for bank accounts in foreign currencies
  • Automated posting rules for routine transactions
  • Liquidity barometer for real-time understanding of cash flow
  • Near-term cash flow forecasting

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