Fund Accounting Software

Transform your finances with Xledger’s nonprofit fund accounting cloud software

Nonprofit finance leaders face a complex challenge in fund accounting. They must satisfy reporting demands across a variety of funds and apply appropriate assessments while retaining donors and finding new ones. But many nonprofits lack the reporting dimensions they need, so finance teams spend hours on bloated Excel spreadsheets that make insight more difficult than ever.

Xledger answers this challenge. We equip nonprofit finance leaders with the nonprofit fund accounting cloud software solution they need to prosper in uncertain times.

Know the precise, real-time status of your funds at any given moment. With dedicated fund accounting in Xledger, you can replace massive Excel spreadsheets with multi-purpose flex screens. Track cash and report accurately, no matter how numerous your funds or complex their restrictions. Our cloud-based finance solution handles the full range of possible restrictions—from permanent and temporary endowments to agency funds and long-term annuities. Xledger strictly separates each fund’s balance sheet, revenue, and expense accounts.

The fund accounting software that empowers insight

Wield Xledger’s market-leading business intelligence toolset for in-depth, real-time understanding of funds and projects. Users ranging from board members to accounting staff can generate up-to-the-minute reports on the dimensions they need, including nonprofit-specific dimensions like fund type, fund balance, department, and more. Reduce the fund reporting and budgeting processes from weeks to hours. Xledger provides you with a robust budgeting function capable of managing complex allocations of direct and indirect costs.

Equip your team with access to Xledger at any time and on any web-enabled device. As a global leader, you can see fund balances across your enterprise from anywhere in the world, including from low-broadband regions. Eliminate paper throughout your finance team with our automated digital workflows. With Xledger, you can streamline audits and ensure that proper internal controls govern every process. Our everywhere-accessible insight and always-on audit trails mean that you can cut average audit times in half.

Meanwhile, Xledger empowers you with market-leading automation. Recover time and save money by going hands-free on up to 75% of manual processes. Satisfy donors, maximize revenue, and free finance staff to focus on your organization’s mission.

With Xledger’s nonprofit fund-based accounting cloud software, you can:

  • Save weeks in time generating reports on funds and projects
  • Track cash in restricted, unrestricted, and endowment funds
  • Free your finance department from manual processes
  • Dedicate more time and resources to your core mission
  • Stop relying on custom Excel models and their owners
  • Reduce or eliminate errors
  • Spend less time with audit teams
  • Increase confidence in and ownership of financial numbers
  • Manage budgets more easily
  • Use finance to support decision-making
  • Be confident that the proper internal controls are in place
  • Create a single version of the truth

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