Xledger empowers nonprofits to shrink the accounting cycle, make more confident decisions, and improve outcomes in the processes that matter. Central to this is Xledger’s world-class nonprofit fund based accounting cloud software solution.

Nonprofits often struggle with long, wasteful reporting processes. Lacking the dimensions they need to manage funds and restrictions, too many nonprofits spend untold dollars and hours in bloated Excel spreadsheets. Accountants cannot verify numbers without reconciling between finance figures and those kept by other departments. And when audits roll around, the precarious situation can spin out of control.

Xledger’s fund accounting software solution equips your nonprofit to track cash and report accurately across a wide variety of funds and grants. Generate real-time reports on nonprofit-specific dimensions ranging from fund type and balance to department. Master every aspect of restricted, unrestricted, and endowment funds. With our multi-dimensional insight tools, you can slice and dice however you want: drill-down to fund balances or drill-through multiple views for 360° understanding. Xledger gives you full visibility into financial events and user behavior, so you need never fear an audit again.

Simply configure Xledger to your nonprofit fund accounting needs, and we will scale to meet your ambitions.

With Xledger’s cloud-based ERP systems solution, you can:


  • Save weeks in time generating reports on funds and projects
  • Track cash in restricted, unrestricted, and endowment funds
  • Free your finance department from manual processes
  • Dedicate more time and resources to your core mission
  • Stop relying on custom Excel models and their owners
  • Reduce or eliminate errors
  • Spend less time with audit teams
  • Increase confidence in and ownership of financial numbers
  • Manage budgets more easily
  • Use finance to support decision-making
  • Be confident that the proper internal controls are in place
  • Create a single version of the truth


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