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Solution overview



Designed for the Cloud, Xledger is a unique accounting system for organisations with complex financial management needs.
Xledger’s powerful expense report module has you covered. With Xledger Mobile, every employee can instantly capture expenses and allocate them to projects.



No matter your organisation’s size or complexity, Xledger streamlines your workflows. Xledger digitises and automates processes ranging from expense reports and approvals to logistics and payment.


VAT Reporting

With the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD) it is even more important for organisations that VAT is recorded correctly in their financial system at the first point of entry.


Time Management

Xledger delivers powerful time and expense functionalities for both employees and managers.


Reporting & analytics

Xledger equips customers with the most powerful BI toolset of any ERP on the market, freeing you to slice and dice your data from nearly every possible angle.


Project accounting

Xledger equips you to manage projects of any size with advanced time capture, resource planning, project accounting, and automated project invoicing.


Procurement & inventory

With Xledger, you can handle the entire procurement and inventory process, from purchase order and invoice matching to component restocking and dispatch.


Orders & billing

Xledger revamps your orders and billing process with traditional and advanced functionality. From automated invoice creation to flexible distribution.


Member & donor management

Xledger empowers you to cultivate the member and donor relationships your organization thrives on. Manage multiple dimensions of information about donors and members.



Despite being one of the most comprehensive ERP solutions on the market today, Xledger supports interoperability by various means, including GraphQL, web services, and Excel/JSON imports and exports.


Core accounting

A robust core accounting engine forms the heart of Xledger Cloud ERP. We simplify business management by providing advanced automation and analytical capabilities for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Cash Book.


Cash, bank & payments

Xledger gives you advanced tools to manage your bank accounts, payments, deposits, and cash flow. Get instant insight into your cash position with tailored dashboards.


Budgeting & forecasting

Xledger enables streamline and accurate budget management. From interactive reports to role-based dashboards, our BI tools give you-real-time visibility into your budgets and forecast.


Asset management

Xledger enables tax and accounting professionals in organisations of every size to automate and manage the complete fixed assets lifecycle—from construction and acquisition through to disposal.


Accounts receivable / Accounts payable

Xledger furnishes clients with advanced payment and vendor management functionalities. Save time and money with automated payment processing and tracking.