As the tech industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, It’s important for tech organisations to maintain sight of the numbers.  

With Xledger, gain superior insight and control with our live in-system analysis and real-time reporting tools, providing you with full visibility over your global financial health at any given time.

As our platform is ISO 27001 certified – an internationally recognised standard around security within an organisation – you can be sure that your data is always protected. Plus, our software is cloud-based, so you can confidently gain access to your financial information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Xledger automates repetitive financial tasks, improving accuracy and heightening efficiency over multiple projects. We empower you to streamline your finance function so you can focus on innovation and growth.


Are you a tech organisation experiencing these challenges?

  • Multiple versions of the truth resulting in wasted hours of validation and correction
  • Over-reliance on finance to run and distribute reports leading to under-informed budget holders
  • Finance software that doesn’t support the business scaling up and down

If so, we can help! Get in touch and our team of qualified accountants can advise the right solution for your tech company. Click here to send your enquiry.


Xledger equips growing organisations of any size to add and consolidate new business units or acquired companies. As our software scales with you, we empower you to be dynamic and agile, qualities paramount to remaining competitive.

Real-time insight 

Evaluate your live financial position at the click of a button. Our multidimensional reporting tools enable you to drill-through multiple views and formats for a 360° understanding of your finances. Role-based dashboards give non-finance users access to real-time budget comparisons, streamlining your entire organisation.

Automated processes

Remove repetitive, time-consuming tasks while improving accuracy and efficiency. Our market-leading automation produces live consolidation across entities, with our integrated document management system and automated workflows removing the need for day-to-day transactional management. Spend less time on administration and more time planning and managing multiple projects.


We provide tech organisations with:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any-device access
  • Multidimensional reporting tools to facilitate in-depth analysis
  • One, live version of the truth
  • Complete insight and self-service reporting via role-based dashboards
  • Real-time consolidated reporting
  • Automated manual processes from bank reconciliation and sales invoice delivery to purchase invoice processing and supplier payments


Xledger’s advanced multi-tenanted, true cloud software empowers tech organisations through automationinsight, and scalability. With no requirement for new IT infrastructure and remote access, grow your business without interruption.

Empower both your finance team and wider organisation with powerful analytics to truly understand the numbers.