RPC Tyche is a global insurance software supplier with offices in London, Paris, and the USA. Initially a division of award-winning law firm RPC, but now a stand-alone entity, RPC Tyche’s main software offerings support capital modelling, and pricing commercial insurance and reinsurance.

Gavin Dilley, the Chief Financial Officer at RPC Tyche, talked us through their objectives, the implementation process, and the post-go-live results.

The challenge

As part of a restructuring process following the de-coupling with the law firm RPC, RPC Tyche had to separate its back-office processes. They remained under the umbrella of the law firm while the changes were taking place so initially had some flexibility with the shared finance system, however, the time was running out to separate the two entities cleanly. As a stand-alone company, RPC Tyche needed its own financial system; one that could align with its new business processes and that could be implemented quickly to deliver the organisation’s business objectives. Furthermore, they needed a new finance solution that could help them grow exponentially, facilitate a globally diverse group structure, and still maintain efficiency when operating as a small team.

The solution

  • Sharpening insight through tools including segmented reporting, inquiry browsers and homepage dashboards
  • Removing limits with scalable structure, multi-currency functionality and effortless addition of new business units
  • Improving time and resource management through automatic bank reconciliation, document management, and posting suggestions
  • Optimising control with a fully integrated accounting platform
  • Automated, live consolidation across the entire organisation, including entities
  • Reducing the accounting cycle from days to minutes.

Why was Xledger the right fit? – Gavin Dilley, Chief Finance Officer, RPC Tyche

“Following an initial discussion with a third-party advisor regarding Xero and Quickbooks, we were recommended Xledger because we required a swift and scalable solution. After contacting Xledger, their tried and tested implementation methodology ultimately assured us that we would achieve the fast-paced implementation needed to achieve our go-live objective. We also really liked that Xledger was a multi-tenanted, true cloud solution with its scalability setting it apart from the competitors.”

Implementation and training

Following conversations with Xledger, RPC Tyche created a project management team to keep everything on track on their side, an arrangement that Gavin emphasised “worked really well.” He said that “as a small project team, the flexibility to undergo substantial configuration during the training sessions with the Xledger consultants brought focus and enabled us to dedicate sufficient time to the system without distractions.”

Although the implementation was expected to take three months, RPC Tyche experienced hold-ups owing to the separating of back-office processes, so they were pleased when we mutually agreed to facilitate a one-month delay.


Post-implementation results

“The implementation process was highly effective, and we’re very happy with the results,” said Gavin. “Since implementing Xledger, we’ve been so pleased we haven’t had to dip back into the old system as the transfer of historic data has been particularly successful” he added. RPC Tyche had a large volume of historic data and transactions, including timesheets and work in progress reports that were all successfully migrated to Xledger during implementation. Gavin went on to say that that “we’re particularly happy with how easy it has been to onboard our new Finance Controller, due to flexible training and the system being so intuitive.”


How has Xledger improved your business processes? – Gavin Dilley, Chief Finance Officer, RPC Tyche

“Since implementing Xledger, we have far greater reporting flexibility, better distribution of skills within the finance team and are naturally more self-sufficient because we can make amendments to the system without relying on the software provider.

The system is easy to use, and the purchase order functionalities, integrated workflows and automation of processes have enabled us to be highly efficient, even as a small finance team. Not to mention that the Xledger support team are incredibly responsive, so we can continually maintain productivity.”


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