Stay on top of your schedule and timesheets while on the go

You can access Xledger anywhere, anytime, and from any device with a web browser. You can also take advantage of the Xledger App.



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Xledger App functionality

Available on Android and iOS, our mobile app provides both employees and managers with intuitive functionality. Employees can manage their schedules and timesheets. They can enter expenses remotely and scan receipts directly into Xledger. Managers can review invoices and bills. They can either issue approval or request changes. All updates appear instantly in the Xledger cloud.

Today, the Xledger App supports the following functionalities:

  • Time keeping
  • Travel bill and outlaw refund
  • Employee list
  • Basic user settings
  • Approve timesheets
  • Approve travel bills
  • Approve payments
  • Upload attachments
  • Updated bank balance


Xledger App Download

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