Xledger is empowering ambition. Our founders created a cloud finance software solution with finance professionals in mind.  Xledger is on the leading edge empowering Digital Transformation, providing businesses a comprehensive and unified cloud financial software solution that is easy to implement, configure, and update.

We help over 10,000 organisations in over 60 countries, digitise, streamline, and bring automated solutions to their finances.  Businesses embrace the agility in access and capability to analyse the vast amount of data in real-time. Year-over-year we have over 99% customer retention rate.

Xledger was named as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide (2019) for Service-Centric Cloud ERP Solutions. Xledger was classified as a Major Player in IDC‘s MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket Finance and Accounting Application 2020. Xledger supports your ambition with three value pillars: Automation, Insight, and Scalability. We automate processes ranging from bill processing, workflow, bill payment, bank reconciliation, to invoicing. We give you a basis for quality decisions with strategic, real-time insight. We make it easy to turn opportunities into business, freeing your organisation to scale without limits. We aim to fold automation, insight, and scalability into everything we do. But that is not the only way we empower ambition. Xledger also lives by four principles: True Cloud, Configuration, Unified Solution, and Personalised Service.

Empowering Your Ambition

Finance and accounting departments can be complex and difficult to manage. From accountant to CFO, you must be able to handle all kinds of accounts, documents, payments, deposits, assets, reconciliation, accruals, budgets, cost allocation, and cash flow.  You need to run core accounting, projects, fund accounting, orders, and billing. You need to supervise procurement, requisition to purchase orders and inventory, revenue recognition, reporting, and analytics, as well as manoeuvre workflow and statutory reporting. That is just some of your responsibilities. That is where our 100% cloud finance solution brings structure and order to help you turn inefficiency into productivity, from chaos to transparency. We empower you to run a leaner, more efficient, and more effective finance and accounting department. And at the same time, you will have fun and a sense of wonder and accomplishment while fulfilling your organisation’s mission.

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