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Xledger integrations solutions

Xledger brings the power of automation to ambitious mid-market organisations that want to be a step ahead. By offering integration capabilities to suit all needs, Xledger enables customers to free up a considerable amount of time and mitigate human errors by removing the need for manual financial data processes.

The powers of Xledger software

Whatever your integration needs, Xledger’s capabilities mean that consolidating, processing and making sense of your business data needn’t be a manual or time-consuming task.

Xledger can be integrated with a variety of applications and offers a breadth of integrations solutions to suit the complexity of your needs and the capacity and skills of your teams.

The support of our technical experts

Our team of experienced technical consultants are here to support your finance and IT teams along their integration journey.

Whether it’s scoping requirements, guidance on implementation, support with general query or technical delivery, our experts help ensure that integrating with Xledger is as efficient and simple as possible and delivers the value that is needed.

Ready-to-go native integrations

Our native integrations offer industry-standard integrations delivered to you at pace.

These integrations do not only link two systems together, they allow users to harness the powers of automation, insight, and scalability – all of that within Xledger itself.

For example, our intrinsic bank integrations link the bank infrastructure to Xledger, enabling transaction information and payments to flow seamlessly between Xledger and your bank, saving you from having to jump between systems.

Our native integrations have been built with standard accountancy needs in mind but we know that every organisation is different and sometimes things need to be made to work harder for our customers. Our experienced technical consultants are here to support and explore whether and how our built-in functionalities could flex to suit your needs.

Self-serving integrations with Zapier

Xledger works with Zapier to offer seamless integration opportunities with 1000s of market-leading applications, all at your fingertips.

Zapier allows you to build code-free custom integrations between Xledger and a huge range of applications in minutes. This enables users to easily integrate their current and future apps without the need for in-depth coding knowledge. This easy-to-use self-serving platform eases the stress and time spent on building custom integrations – because it’s already done for you!

Your custom integrations

Unique or complex finance data requirements call for custom integrations.

Xledger’s suite of feature-rich APIs allows you to effortlessly integrate with any other applications to suit your specific finance requirements and provide robust reporting.

Our technical consultants can help you along the journey to deliver your own integrations by discussing your requirements, defining the functional aims, and delivering the technical specification that will enable you to build and deploy the integrations that will make a difference to your organisation.

Customers can choose to create bespoke integrations independently, or use a 3rd party service provider. Our network of trusted integration experts can partner with your teams to own and deliver your integration deployment, should you need them to.

Xledger technology partners

Over the years, Xledger has established close ties with a number of reputable and reliable external technology providers. These range from complementary external solutions, such as payroll and HR software, to service providers and platforms that help simplify your integration journey.

Here are some of our notable integrations:

Azure logo


Using our Xledger - Azure integration opens you up to connect your data to business intelligence tools and Azure’s integration capabilities. 
Integration partners


Pleo provides smart company cards that allow you to get full visibility over your company spending with less of the manual work. Expenses, invoices and reimbursements are all easily managed through Pleo.
Native integrations


Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to simplify and automate your workflow across more than 5,000 business apps. Build code-free custom integrations between Xledger and a huge range of 3rd party applications with ease. With Zapier you can get your Xledger integration up-and-running in minutes.
Technology Partners
breathe HR

Breathe HR

Breathe HR puts your people first with an intuitive, cloud-based online system. Breathe allows you to manage your people effectively, with leave, payroll, scheduling, and more. Easily connect Breathe HR and Xledger to sync your employee management data.
Native integrations


GoCardless makes payment collection easy. Used by more than 75,000 business globally, GoCardless allows you to manage, automate and collect one-off, recurring, and variable payments. Connect GoCardless and Xledger to automatically post the book-keeping entries of your customer payments.
Native integrations


Zendesk is trusted by more than 200K customers globally to provide high quality, seamless customer service, providing multi-channel customer communication and ticket management. Connect Xledger and Zendesk to automate time-entry capture of your customer services teams.
Native integrations

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI lets you turn data into insight through powerful visualisation tools. Combine data from multiple sources and applications to perform new and powerful analysis. Connect Power BI and Xledger to further leverage your financial data.
Native integrations
Safe HR logo


SafeHR provides affordable HR support and time-saving online HR software that helps small, medium, and fast-growing businesses reach their full potential with help from our friendly experts.
Technology Partners


Our integration leverages the power of Open-Banking to seamlessly allow you to connect to 60+ banks in the UK. As more and more institutions adopt the standard this list is growing.
Native integrations


Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size – from new startups to public companies – use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.
Native integrations
Payescape Logo


Payescape is a leading provider of cloud-based payroll, HR, and Time Management solutions to manage your UK business. With easy-to-use technology, customised reporting, direct filing with HMRC, auto-enrolment, and integration capabilities, Payescape simplifies operations so you can focus on your business.
Integration partners
Connect my apps logo


ConnectMyApps has worked with Xledger and their partners for several years, delivering integrations for Xledger users of all sizes and across different industries. Our ready-made integrations let you connect Xledger to popular software such as Salesforce, SuperOffice and Dynamics CRM, but we also provide custom developed integrations between Xledger and a huge variety of applications upon request.
Integration partners

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