A common challenge for multi-entity organisations is reporting on a monthly consolidated overview of the group. While many organisations complete this task in Excel, errors from last-minute adjustments can lead to multiple versions of the truth, causing a breakdown in the delivery of real-time information.

Xledger’s unique, hierarchical entity structure removes the requirement for an Excel-based consolidation, producing a real time, in-system consolidation that can be analysed and interrogated at will. Managers can drill-down to supporting documentation or drill-through multiple views for a 360° analysis of the numbers providing both confidence and understanding of the group consolidation.

With common tasks and records able to be shared across multi-entities, our software facilitates economies of scale by reducing maintenance and onboarding costs. Xledger is a truly scalable, multi-currency platform that is available in a suite of languages empowering ambition, and growth, whatever the industry.


Is your multi-entity organisation confronted with these challenges?

  • Error-prone manual consolidation
  • Duplication of effort across entities by approving multiple invoices and supplier records
  • Lack of insight and analysis over group numbers
  • Complexities around multiple currencies
  • Multiple versions of the truth

Overview and control

Xledger’s cloud-based financial software meets the needs of large and complex organisations by providing access to up-to-date overviews of consolidated financials, along with full details from every entity in your enterprise.

Flexible and scalable

Xledger equips growing organisations of any size to add new business units or acquired companies. Since the software is cloud-based, you can work seamlessly across the entire global organisation from anywhere at anytime, on any web-enabled device.


We support 22+ languages and all international currencies, providing flexible currency management at both entity and consolidated levels.


Xledger provides multi-entity organisations with:

  • Real time consolidation – giving an instant overview of the whole organisation’s financial position
  • Increased efficiency – by leveraging economies of scale through consolidating common tasks such as processing transactions, setting up suppliers and approving invoices
  • Scalability – by utilising common setup and configuration to effortlessly onboard new entities

Our cloud-based, multi-tenanted architecture improves accuracy and heightens efficiency in complex company structures while eliminating IT costs. Through automation, insight, and scalability, Xledger equips your organisation to grow without limits but never lose sight of the numbers.

We offer an ideal fit for distributed and multi-entity organisations of all sizes.