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Tech Organisations

Xledger empowers Tech Organisations with automation, insight and scalability, facilitating innovation and rapid growth.

Future-proof your housing association with Xledger

Housing Associations

Legacy systems that haven’t evolved to meet changing workplace needs make it difficult for housing associations to be efficient, responsive and have control over their finances. Get in touch and our team of qualified Accountants can help guide you to the right solution for you.

Venues and Hospitality

Venues and Hospitality

Xledger has powerful capabilities for the leisure and tourism sector. You can now use one integrated cloud finance management system to manage your entire organisation. 

Professional Services

Professional Services

Xledger Cloud ERP enables professional services organizations to track costs, maximize profits, and grow without limits.



Xledger Cloud ERP enables organisations in the energy sector to optimise resources, satisfy customers, and maximise profits.



Xledger Cloud ERP meets the needs of complex and multi-entity organisations.

Xledger - Education


Xledger Cloud ERP enables schools and colleges to reduce costs, heighten efficiency, and increase productivity

Xledger - Charity and not for profit

Charity and Not-for-Profit

Xledger’s powerful multi-dimensional reporting and donor management tools help charity and not-for-profit organisations to reduce costs, heighten efficiency, and free up resources for mission-critical tasks like fundraising and making a difference.

Care home organisations

Care Homes

Xledger has powerful capabilities for housing and social care, offering real-time insight and visibility of full network in one integrated solution to help you gain insight so you can better understand your organisation