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  • Choice and smooth implementation of a modern financial system
  • How to future proof your finance function
  • What gains you can make with smart corporate functionality in the financial system
  • How you can work more efficiently with the accounts from your home office
  • The biggest risk during times of financial transformation.


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The Future Accountant: Unlocking time and resources to gain a competitive advantage

In this Xledger and Accountancy Age webinar learn why accountants must strive for a consolidated view of their client’s data, how automation can lead the way for more strategic work, the importance of error-free data in a digital world, and the future of accountancy and key insights for 2022.

Housing Finance Presentation 2022
Get Unstuck: Five benefits of a modern finance system

Takeouts from Xledger’s presentation at this year’s Housing Finance Conference in Liverpool.

In this presentation, Mike Thomas, Senior Consultant explores the 5 key benefits that can transform an organisation through choosing a modern finance software.

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Turning survival into success using a finance system

Learn how digital transformation can help your organisation maintain its status quo in an uncertain world and also enable your organisation to grow, change and improve its finance function.


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Donations and Fund Reporting: how to do it right to protect your charity today and into the future

This webinar explores the practicalities and importance of integrating your CRM and finance systems to digitise your fund reporting and protect your trustees. From ensuring you are SORP compliant to streamlining your processes and becoming more efficient.

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What finance professionals need to know about effective remote working.

If you are a finance professional working for a mid-market organisation and would like to know the latest trends and systems that ensure safe, secure remote working, then download our free webinar now.

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Are Housing Associations ready to embrace modern finance systems?

For finance professionals within Housing Associations who want to understand how having a best-of-breed finance software integrated into their housing management system can help achieve greater agility, lower costs and better support.