Stretched budgets are a common challenge facing organisations in the education sector, so a clear understanding of income and expenditure is crucial to forecast and plan effectively.

Xledger offers a comprehensive solution for the education sector, specifically further education. Real-time insight and live reporting empower finance departments with advanced budgetary management and financial control. While devolved purchasing, managed approval workflows, and balanced authority and control increase efficiency across your entire organisation.

Our true cloud architecture links seamlessly to external applications, empowering you to manage the allocation of student loans and records all in one place. Plus, as all documents are managed in-system, Xledger eliminates mounting paperwork and equips you to become a paperless workplace.

With in-system payments and integrated bank statements that enable automatic supplier and bank reconciliation, Xledger effortlessly handles the complexity of your organisation while streamlining your back office. Our software gives education finance departments access to a sophisticated solution for managing administration without the IT costs and hassle.


Are you an organisation in the education sector struggling with?

  • Balancing cost-cutting, insight, and devolved authority to budget holders
  • Lack of timely visibility over income and expenditure
  • Excel-based processes and reporting.

If so, we can help! Get in touch and our team of qualified accountants can help guide you to the right solution. Click here to send your enquiry.


Our market-leading automation improves efficiency and simplifies your back office. Eliminate spreadsheets with automated processes and workflows, including Purchase-to-Pay, inbuilt OCR and in-system purchase order and payment approvals. Xledger allows you to spend less time performing repetitive manual tasks and more time strategically managing budgets and reporting against them.

Visibility and control

Xledger’s multi-dimensional reporting tools give you real-time visibility over your financial health. Drill down to a transactional level for an informed insight into the income received in each course offered and forecast with full confidence in overall expenditure. Along with self-service reporting for budget holders via role-based dashboards, Xledger equips you to be proactive, not reactive.


Our true cloud-based software does not require IT resource or servers, enabling you to save on hefty setup and maintenance costs. Furthermore, our free, automatic upgrades ensure that every user is running on the latest software. With Xledger, you pay less for greater functionality.


We provide educational organisations with:

  • Real-time insight empowering you to compare any chosen budget to your organisation’s live financial position
  • Robust budgeting tools to create, upload, or devolve multiple budgets
  • In-system purchased orders, with automatic sending to suppliers
  • Configurable reporting and multi-dimensional enquiry screens
  • Unified departments powered by tightly integrated systems and functions
  • In-built document management, facilitating a paperless workplace
  • Quicker month-end periods achieved by automatic accruals, prepayments and ledgers closing on a timely basis.

Xledger’s advanced multi-tenanted, true cloud software empowers your organisation through automation, insight, and scalability. With a quick implementation process and no requirement for new IT infrastructure, our cost-effective solution improves efficiency so you can focus on delivering the best quality services to your students.

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