Harness the power of built-in reporting and analytics

Xledger’s built-in reporting and analytics helps customers to slice and dice data from nearly every possible angle. Analyse your data, assess liquidity, or extract information to support decision-makers. Our business intelligence (BI) toolset gives you access to vital information in configurable reports, real-time dashboards, and multi-purpose inquiry screens. From anywhere in the system, you can drill-down to underlying documentation, or you can drill-through multiple views for a 360° understanding.

Configurable Reports

Xledger couples pre-defined reports with a configurable report writer.

  • Numerous pre-defined standard reports
  • Xledger Report Writer (XRW) allows users to build configurable reports within standardised templates
  • Consultants available to help customers craft specialised reports in XRW


Upon initial login, users encounter a home page dashboard tailored to their role in the company. Module-centric dashboards exist throughout the system.

  • Users hold one or more of Xledger’s numerous roles, with each role enabling a different set of views and functionalities
  • Module-centric dashboards contain pre-defined blocks of information ranging from P&L (corporate, departmental, or project-based) and liquidity forecast to task lists and configurable KPIs
  • Within role limitations, users can configure dashboards to specific requirements and drill-down to any level
  • Dashboards provide each user with accurate, current, and relevant information


Enquiries or flex screens are the most powerful method of pulling information from the system. Xledger’s flex screens enable you to request, view, analyse, and export your data for maximum understanding.

  • Each enquiry contains several standard and advanced filters that allow the user to specifically define the information they want to be returned to the screen
  • Once data is returned, users can fully manipulate it in one of several ways:
    • With the simplicity of drag-and-drop
    • By changing filters and sorting on the fly
    • By leveraging drill-through to see the same data in pivot tables, charts, and hierarchical subtotals
  • Export information in one of several ways:
    • To Excel for further manipulation, presentation, or reporting
    • As an emailed or in-system report
    • As a permanent or temporary LiveLink enabling recipients to view the live dataset in Excel, JSON, or HTML formats

Drill-Down and Drill-Through

Xledger’s reporting and analytics gives you comprehensive and intuitive drill-down and drill-through options.

Drill-down delivers insight by digging deeper into data.

  • At the click of a button, you can dive as deep as you want into as many layers of data as you have.
  • Suppose that you have a report showing expenses by account, you can click on one account to see the details summarised there. Then you can drill all the way down to the transaction level, to posting details and linked documentation, even to attached images of each related invoice.
  • Drill-down can help answer vital questions like:
    • Why is one department outperforming another?
    • Why are costs higher from one month to the next?
    • Which salespersons are driving the most revenue?

Drill-through enables you to gain 360° insight by rotating through multiple views.

  • Drill-through lets users see the same dataset from multiple perspectives.
  • Suppose that you have a tabular report of sales by vertical market. You can drill-through to see that same data set as a heat map, a graph, a pie or pivot chart, etc. With the click of a button and full drag-and-drop ease, you can manipulate your data however you wish: you can expand the date range, flip axes and survey vertical markets by sales, or toggle to a different perspective.
  • From different angles, in different formats, and through different visualisation methods: Xledger drill-through enhances your analysis and decision-making.
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