Any organisation must accurately account for the time its workers spend on tasks and projects. Using time effectively means an organisation can meet its deadlines, maintain its budget, and achieve success. But to do this, you need to be able to keep accurate records. This makes timesheet management essential to any successful business.

Do you want to reduce time wastage and understand where your billable and non-billable time is going?

Do you want to increase revenue by billing accurately and automating your billing and invoicing?


Timesheet Management

Xledger has retained and improved the classic core of the timesheet. Our timesheet software provides an online platform that’s accessible anytime and anywhere with instant notifications to manage time tracking and approval process. We deliver powerful timesheet management functionalities for both employees and managers.


  • Import or directly input time into the system via Xledger’s mobile app, calendar-based input, or browser application
  • Book time by selecting from pre-defined values such as projects, activities, assignments, and time codes
  • Time type options include regular time, overtime, and billable time.


  • View full timesheet reports from different angles, each supported with various graphs and dashboards
  • Route the timesheet approvals throughout the workflow as needed
  • Access a complete electronic document archive
  • Access full reports, configurable workflow, and approval functionality via the Xledger App.
  • View reports broken down by different elements, such as employee, project or activities, billable hours, or compare to your resourcing plan.

Xledger equips employees with widespread streamlining and ease of use, while we empower managers with granular analytics and paperless approvals. Employees can input time by a range of variables, from time type and assignments to projects. Meanwhile, managers can run reports and analysis from multiple angles with Xledger’s 10 unique time reports.


How Xledger gives you control

Improved visibility and control

Better understand staff productivity by seeing who’s been working on each job, how long it has taken them and how that compares to estimates and budgets. If your employees regularly work on multiple projects at one time or charge by the hour, your ability to track the exact time will be a huge benefit when it comes to completing and tracking their personal admin.

Keeping track of your team’s efficiency will help you allocate resources appropriately and improve compliance as information is accurately recorded and visible for auditing purposes. Bill accurately
Get the real picture of how well your business is running and activities across multiple projects. Record both billable and non-billable time against tasks performed, giving insight of value for money.

Flexible time entry

You and your staff can enter timesheets anytime and anywhere using the Xledger app. If you have admin staff who need to record timesheet data on behalf of other employees – Xledger makes it easy to manage.

Business leaders and managers get real-time access to time data, project progress and other metrics with instant sync of timesheets from employees using our mobile app.

Improve project management

Capture project status in real-time and get instant visibility into project costs and performance. Use our in-system reports to get real visibility into time, projects, resources, and costs to make proactive decisions.

Xledger helps you keep track of project costs by tracking all billable and non-billable hours. You’ll get real time visibility into project status/task hierarchies or activities.


Features Summary:

  • Comprehensive real-time monitoring
    • Timesheets are integrated into the system, so all reporting is available straight away
  • Projects, activities and assignments tracking
    • Interrogate your reporting down to any level of granularity
  • Track your time costs
    • Cost Rates can be applied to employees or employee types, as well as different activities, which enables time costs tracking and reporting.
  • Use of billable & non-billable hours
  • Billing and invoicing
    • Use billable hours to invoice your customers automatically
  • Scalable
    • Whether you’re expanding organically or by acquisitions, or adding new entities to your business, Xledger grows with you seamlessly.
    • Unlimited number of employees or projects can be added any time and available to book against instantly.
  • Use of multiple platforms
    • Users can choose mobile app, calendar-based input, or browser application to input
  • Easy to use
    • User friendly interface
    • Calendar view for more efficient use
  • Overtime calculation
    • Apply difference over rates to difference projects or activities
  • Integrations
  • Resource planning
    • Plan your projects time for all your projects ahead
    • Transfer resourcing plan into project budget for further financial analysis and reporting.
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